Wednesday, November 06, 2013

01 October: Bermuda

Today was The High Life's day off and yay, the weather played along beautifully!

We had a busy day planned and were up at 9am. First stop was to buy some drinks and then we rented a boat.

He took us out to Charles Island, which has a small untouched beach and beautiful perfect blue water. We swam and sat around having a few drinks just enjoying being the only people around. We took a walk to the top of the hill where the view was spectacular! (That is Castle Island that you can see across from the beach) And then we snorkelled for a bit.

The snorkelling was okay, mostly huge parrot fish, which I like :) Lots of nice soft corals.

After that, we moved across to Castle Island. The boys struggled to get the boat anchored, but I hopped out and was thrilled to watch a couple of small cuttlefish (squid?) swimming in the waves. They changed colour when they got near each other (one turned clear from the normal brown) and I watched them eating the little silver fish. Incredible!

Castle Island is quite overgrown and has a few ruins from old forts, which we climbed up to explore. I even saw some ancient graffiti!

After that, for our last stop, The High Life took us to a wreck off Nonesuch Island. I've never snorkelled at a wreck before and I adored it (at one point I looked up and both boys were back on the boat already - haha!). I even saw what I assume were whale bones (massive ribs) in the sand. Totally awesome.

Then we headed back to land. Time for some lunch! The High Life took us to Black Horse. OMG it was delish! The Trucker doesn't eat any seafood (except prawns), so The High Life & I shared their Fish Chowder to start (the picture below shows the chowder with broken crackers that we stirred in. In case you thought whose were giant chunks of fish - haha! The fish was very fine). The trick to this dish is that you stir Rum and Sherry Pepper sauce into it and it completely changes the flavour. It was superb! The Trucker had some very nice (but normal) crumbed prawns.

The High Life and I each had a half lobster for mains. Wow. It was so gooood! And we had the local side dish called Peas & Rice (which is actually rice cooked with beans that then goes a dark brown ... no peas at all). Not bad.The Trucker had a very sorry looking cheese burger. (For anyone wondering, this lunch for 3 of us, we each only had 1 drink, was 150 USD).

After that it was time to head home for a much needed nap before we headed out again at 18h30. We went to dinner at a place called Mad Hatters with a few of The High Life's friends.

The place has a whole lot of crazy hats hanging around on the walls and hat-racks which people end up wearing as the evening progresses. Okay, so we were the only table that night who were playing dress-up, but it was such fun! Everyone at the table (of 6) had a turn to pick a round of hats for the whole group. We had such a laugh!

The food was also great. The High Life and I shared a scallop starter and then I had the Rock Fish with Banana Nut Crust and Dark n Stormy sauce for my main. I really liked it! I also tasted a little of The High Life's Yellowtail / Snapper with chorizo, which was amazing. The flavours complimented each other so well.

We drank wine (4 bottles between the group, our share of this meal cost a whopping 250 USD for the 2 of us!) and eventually moved on to 2 bars before heading home. I paced myself much better this time although I was very tired by the time everyone else decided it was time to go home!

What a long and lovely day. Yawn. And tomorrow is our last full day of holiday :(


Louisa said...

Looks amazing!

Hahaha, I am definitely not geared for vacations in dollars - fuck me, that's an expensive night out!

phillygirl said...

I know! It came as a bit of a rude surprise to us as well ... but since The High Life covered so many other bits and pieces for us while we were visiting, it wasn't as bad as it could've been (if we'd had to pay for everything there! Eep).

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