Tuesday, November 05, 2013

30 September: Bermuda

So, yes, the plan was to wake up early. But when the alarm went off, it was a grey rainy day outside so we had another lazy morning in bed, trying to decide what to do on a day we were stranded at the house (don't want to go scootering in the rain!)

By the time we decided that we'd catch a bus to Hamilton, have something to eat and then go to the BUEI before catching a ferry to Dockyards and then another ferry back to St Georges, the rain had stopped. So we took the scooter to St Georges to leave there and make it easier to get home after our round-trip.

We hopped on the next Pink Bus, but the trip to Hamilton (Route 1 along South Road) took and hour. So, by the time we were hunting down something to eat, it was 2pm. The Trucker was grumpy with the options because he wanted breakfast (I tried explaining that 2pm was no longer breakfast time for anyone, except those of us who'd only decided to get out of bed at 11 o_0).

So, we ended up at Flanagan's where I had some very nice hot chocolate, served in a teapot! He had the club sandwich (with sweet potato fries <3) and I had a calamari starter (I was the clever one who'd had a piece of toast earlier while he was still snoozing!). The meals were expensive, but huge.

After eating we walked up the road to the BUEI. It was kinda cool, bits of it were very interesting (I especially liked all the info on the Bermuda Triangle and did you know you can eat Lionfish?). But the whole "simulated dive" thing was such a joke ... would definitely recommend not wasting your time with it.

We had realised while we'd been eating that we'd have to change our plans because the last ferry from Dockyards to St George's leaves just after 4pm. We'd never make it in time.

And by the time we got out of the BUEI, at 16h30, the sun was out and it was a beautiful afternoon. So we decided to catch a Pink Bus back to St George's (this time we took the Route 11, along North Road for a change of scenery) and headed home on the scooter to grab our cozzies.

We'd intended to head to Clearwater Beach for a swim before sunset. But, unfortunately, even tho it only sets around 7pm, we'd definitely missed the ideal swimming part of the afternoon. Instead we found a spot on a cliff to sit and watch the sun set. It was lovely.

We decided to make dinner at home tonight so when the sun had almost set, we headed home (again) to get changed into warmer wear and rode back to St George's to a grocery store we'd seen for some supplies. The Trucker made us a delish pasta. The High Life ate when he got home and I went to bed at about midnight while the boys stayed up watching nonsense on TV.

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