Friday, November 08, 2013

02 October: Bermuda

There was more rain this morning, but by the time we got up, it was just a little overcast with blue patches.

We made the most of our last day, which turned out to be just perfect!

We took the scooter to Church Bay to try some snorkelling. It's down a few stairs but that meant it wasn't too crowded (Horseshoe Bay looked much busier today!)

I took the snorkelling gear out first. It was quite similar to what we'd seen yesterday. I didn't find the colours that amazing, but I think the water is a bit more sandy / murky than usual because of the recent storms. Loads of huge parrot fish tho.

The Trucker went out while I sat on the beach. Sheesh it was hot in the sun. Could definitely have done with an umbrella!

We didn't stay after he'd finished snorkelling and headed for Harringtons Hundreds (a grocery store) to pick up supplies for tonight's braai. And just in case you had any doubt about how expensive the day-to-day in Bermuda is ... there is proof! R67 for 2 tomatoes. Granted those tomatoes were about the size of my fist (so there were also packs of 4 smaller, or what I would call regular sized, ones for a similar price).

Then we went home and had a little lunch. And I tried a poptart! They are not worth mentioning. I wouldn't have another, I don't think. I can't believe people eat these for breakfast! Which reminds me, I've been having Fruit Loops for breakfast for the last few days :) I adore cereal. Plus it's definitely cheaper and saves time in the mornings here.

We had to take the scooter back at 4pm, so we went back to Achille's Bay after lunch for our last swim and cocktail on the beach. They have a cute little beach bar hidden in the rocks there.

After that we gave the scooter back to Oleander Cycles and caught the Pink Bus (Route 6) back to St Davids.

The High Life came home soon after that (his restaurant has now closed for dinner service as the season winds down) and we had an amazing braai. He did a yummy chicken in the Weber and we made a green salad and Velveeta Shells & Cheese (The High Life really made this incredible ... chopped sun-dried tomatoes and a sprinkle of truffle oil before baking! Yum) to go with it. So delish!

It was a perfect still evening spent eating outside by candlelight, under the stars. So special.

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