Friday, November 01, 2013

29 September: Bermuda

Another late night last night meant we had another 11am start. But we did wake up to a spectacular day. I even started the day with a dip off the jetty in front of the house. Hey, gotta make the most of this seaside living!

We got ready quickly and all headed out: The High Life to work and us to explore the island. Our first stop was breakfast. We stopped at a little garage shop and ordered 2 breakfast burritos. We only ate half each immediately and packed the rest, along with some snacks and continued on our way.

We'd heard Horseshoe Bay was the place to be, but only before 3pm when the cruise ships dock and take all their passengers there. It was gorgeous! We weren't the only people there, but it was empty enough.

I was nervous about being in the sun in the middle of the day so we stayed just long enough for a swim and a bit of a relax enjoying the beach. Plus, sand. Urgh. Haha.

Having grown up with my beach experiences consisting almost entirely of time spent at our beach cottage, I am not a fan of sand. Sea is for swimming in, but lying around on the sand is not my idea of fun. Unless you throw in a lounger (thereby removing my proximity to the sand) and an umbrella. Then I'm much happier :)

We hopped back on the scooter and went to do some more exploring. We went up to King's Point and Daniel's Bay. But driving aimlessly, not knowing the gems from the rest leaves you feeling a bit like being in a maze.

With the clouds coming over and cooling the afternoon temperature, we decided to head back to Flatts and go to the Aquarium and Zoo (they're combined). What a great afternoon, I absolutely loved it! Although there were a few animals we didn't actually see :(

After that, we headed back to The High Life's beach for another swim before sunset. This time much more civilised, with the loungers and umbrellas :) And cocktails! Nothing quite like a R150 Daiquiri tho ... and that's without the requisite 17 - 20% tip. I really must stop converting. Everything on this island is imported!

That said, we are being so spoilt here, being taken out by The High Life. But, still, every time I look at the prices, I balk.

We headed home before sunset because it was getting chilly and we were still damp from our swim.

We stopped en route at The Swizzle Inn to grab some take-out to take home for dinner. It's one of those mad places where everyone has written all over the walls and ceiling. We tried some more beers while we waited.

Dinner was a cheese & bacon burger and chilli nachos, both to share. Both we delish and we ate them outside, sipping on some very nice Pear Cider (Damn, can't remember the make o_0).

And tonight, on the ride home, we saw our very first colourful Bermudian sunset :)

When The High Life got home, we watched some more Tim Minchin and went to bed at about midnight. This time I've set an alarm for 9am tomorrow morning. I feel like I'm missing important daylight hours with this weird nocturnal lifestyle!

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