Friday, November 29, 2013

Hi, My Name is ...

So, it turns out that tomorrow is my Bloggerversary. I have been blogging for 7 years. Shew, where has the time gone?

I've got to know quite a lot of people thru my blogging, more so in the early days when the community was smaller. Bloggers tend to come and go, after 7 years, I imagine, it is quite an achievement to still be here. And to not be scarce on top of it. The longest breaks I tend to have are while I'm away, and I always make up for it when I get back :)

But the internet has changed and grown in that time too. And after 7 years of blogging pretty anonymously, I thought I'd introduce myself to celebrate this anniversary. It seems the way things are going, it's easier to relate to an actual real-life person than a pseudonym and an icon. So here I am.

Hello, my name is Phillipa and this is my blog :)

There is a snippet of my life in pics, the ones you haven't seen, the ones with me in them. (For a change these photos actually link somewhere ... to the relevant posts from when they were taken within the blog)

So, I'm still gonna stick with nicknames for the people I write about, but here I am, this is me. It's nice to finally meet you.


The Chantal said...

Woahhhhhhh!!!! I've been reading your blog for years and it's so strange to now see you lol, if that makese sense. At least now when I read I can put an image to you and the trucker. You look sooooo young for your age, grrrr :P awwwww @ the panda pic, so lucky! what an amazing experience. Such lovely pics, thanks for sharing.

(and thanks for the lovely reply to my comment yesterday)

Charleen said...

There she is....:) Happy 7th blogversery. Trying to remember how long I've been reading your blog, it's been a while.
Lovely pics for the reveal. Great to put a face to the story.

Unknown said...

Happy blogoversary! Cannot believe you've kept that secret for so long!

phillygirl said...

Haha, Hi ladies! I think I've under-estimated how important having a face for the name is over the last few years.

@The Chantal - thanks for saying I look young for my age ... it's no longer a burden, although I used to get quite frustrated, constantly being asked for ID in my youth! But there are plenty of grey hairs popping up these days o_0 Haha.

Unknown said...

Oh my, I have been reading your blog for about five years and wow I am so glad to put a face to a name/blog. You do look so young and innocent and very pretty indeed.

Keep up the good "blogging"

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