Friday, November 22, 2013

She Has Arrived!

Finally, it's Friday. I was seriously disappointed both yesterday morning when I woke up and realised it was only Thursday AND again this morning when I woke up and it still wasn't Saturday o_0 Especially in this gorgeous rain. It was harder than hard to drag myself up out of bed this morning ... Perfect snoozy weather for sleeping late and staying warm under the duvet.

But, instead, here I am, in the office. But aside from feeling like a dreadfully long week, it has been a pretty damn good one. It started off mediocre but with the arrival of my new car, it improved dramatically :)

I headed to the Doc on Monday afternoon. Time for that pesky Rubella (German Measles) vaccination. Easy peasy. Way better these days that that hideous giant booster shot we got aged 6! Unfortunately, did you know that there are currently no Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccines in South Africa! There is currently a shortage. The Doc said they had a 1000 come in a while back (for The Whole Country), but they've (of course) run out again now. So I couldn't get that. Marginally concerned, but not majorly since I did actually have that one as a kiddie. But still, I seem to be one of the 20-30% of people that lose their immunity (as per the Rubella anti-bodies that are lacking in my blood), so wanted to just get it as an in case.

Anyhoo, I figured, while I was there I'd get him to try burning off a wart on my thumb that has been bugging me. He tried to burn it off earlier in the year but nothing changed. This time he dry-iced me for a full minute. I nearly died! I had some serious fingernail indentations in my palm, let me tell you!

This has been the least fun part of my week. It was so sore for the first few days. And I still can't bend my thumb. It looks to be a serious blood blister (or something) brewing under there ... I hope the wart falls off soon! Have skipped boot cap this week because of fear of bumping the damn thing (it hurts so much when that happens!) and because of the lack of movement. Thumbs are far more useful and required in everyday life than I realised before. Take care of them. And, typically, this is on my right hand, the hand I pretty much use for everything o_0. At least it is looking less swollen and red today.

So yes, that was about the entirety of the "downside" of my week. After the visit to the Doc (did I mention I sat in the waiting room for over an hour ...) I headed off to collect my new car. Whoop whoop.

Let me say, whatever reservations I may previously had about the Honda Jazz (based solely on my experience driving a much older model and the 1.3), have been replaced by pure joy. Even The Trucker likes my car better ;)

OMG I absolutely adore it. Happy to take my car whenever we go out now. Haha.

Socially it's been a fairly quiet week. I went to SCM on Tuesday. The Trucker has been working late (although at home). And last night we went for Sushi with some friends at Cedar Square. We had such a blast ... after that massive storm calmed itself.

When we arrived it was still dry, then the rain came and the other outdoor tables moved in from the edge of the balcony (they were getting sprayed). And then the gusting started. Sheesh. It was insane. We were up against the wall of the restaurant, so mostly protected. But watched chairs being moved across the floor by the wind. Glad I wasn't driving in that!

Interesting discussion for the architects, we live in Joburg, where it's known for some pretty epic thunderstorms. Designing a mall with a permanently open roof seems a little short-sighted. I know it's probably only raining a marginal amount of the time, really. But when it is, there is barely any where to keep dry. Especially when the wind is blowing the rain around the way it did last night. Ah, the irony of the tables we were sitting at being outside but the parking for our cars being underground. Which, I was still definitely happy about, so nervous of my new car vs. the hail o_0

Oh, but before we went for dinner I made some Rice Krispie treats. I was buying the pre-made ones and got a little addicted so decided I'd just make them. Did you know you can add peanut butter to the mixture. Yummy!

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