Monday, November 25, 2013

Spectacularly Relaxed

It was a surprisingly quiet weekend, actually. I know, I haven't said that in ages!

But literally, I napped for 2 hours after I got home on Friday night. The Trucker woke me at 7pm and we had a very thrown-together dinner and watched Red 2.

Meh, I don't remember being terribly impressed by the first one, aside from the star-studded cast. Which this one also had. Mary-Louise Parker's character was just painful o_0 And aside from that, the movie wasn't really worth mentioning. We haven't been to the cinema in absolute ages, but I don't feel like there has been too much worth seeing. I am still looking forward to, and have high hopes for, Elysium and Gravity.

On Saturday we tried a new breakfast spot. Dunno if you remember, but we've been on the look out since I'm a little over Doppio and there really is nothing worth mentioning in the Northgate Center. Plus my breakfast requirements are a little more adventurous than the cheapest meal I can find (ie. R20 breakfasts at the most lonely Newscafe in the world).

I'd read (I forget where now) about 2B Cuisine in Epsom Downs and how apparently they did a mean Eggs Benedict. Which is mostly what The Trucker has been eating at Doppio these days. So I added it to the list and we finally headed there on Saturday morning.

And let me tell you, we will definitely be going back! You know when you look at the menu and you simple can't decide what to order because too many things sound delish. That. I had the Aubergine Roulade with a poached egg and The Trucker had their Rolled Omelette. Mine was delish! Seriously, I could've done with an extra egg, but the aubergine stuffed with neopolitana sauce and cream cheese was sublime. Superb.

And I tried their Basil, Apple and Strawberry smoothie. Yum yum. Defintiely looking forward to trying more on their menu.

After that we headed home since I was off to an SCM Baby Shower and The Trucker was meeting a man about our kitchen (eep!). I had an awesome afternoon at the baby shower, with a lovely bunch of girls. The funniest thing happened tho, not a single person there (8 of us?) has had kids yet and at one point we were swapping pet-stories. Haha. I guess that's how it goes ;)

Then I got home and The Trucker had had a busy afternoon, busy bottling his next batch of beers (an IPA and an Amber Ale), he was making rolls from the sourdough he's been cultivating all week and there was a pot of Beef Trinchado on the stove. The house smelt amazing!

So, the sourdough rolls didn't turn out quite the way he was hoping (he wanted to use them as bowls like we did in San Francisco), but the Trinchado was amazing! I know he'd made it for me once before in the early days, and I wasn't completely blown away (although I thought it was good, I think because I would generally prefer chicken over beef). But this time. Wow. He can make this again anytime. Soo good. And turned out to be even better the next day.

We watched Man of Steel. Well, I watched the first hour & a half and went to bed for the last hour. Couldn't keep my eyes open (and the movie wasn't exactly riveting).

On Sunday we got our grocery shopping out the way and then I had a very lazy afternoon at home while The Trucker went to play cricket.

See, such a lazy weekend for me. Much needed too :)

Oh and I discovered a cool new service I didn't know about: Travelex now lets you reserve your foreign currency online and then you can collect it at their airport store before you go. How handy is that! Damn now I'm dreaming of Holiday 2014 again and it is still completely unlikely :(

Apparently you also get a better conversion rate by reserving the cash in advance. Not sure exactly how the whole FICA thing works for that, but it sounds way more convenient than missioning to get your cash before you go. I've always found that to be a total hassle!

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