Wednesday, January 08, 2014

And We're Back in Jozi

So we had a weekend in Jozi to settle back into the swing of real life before we both started work again on Monday. Seriously, I dunno how people arrive back from holiday late the night before going back to work. I'd be shattered.

We got a lot of laundry done! We got our grocery shopping done. And we almost bought a new bunny hutch. And that was just Saturday morning.

On the bunny-hutch. I went out hunting on the Friday afternoon before we headed to Cape Town, in the hopes of finding the one I had my eye one. Typically it was no longer at Lifestyle so I tried another place. They didn't have either, but since they're a smaller shop, I asked the people working there if I could get the contact number of the suppliers and find out if they could make me what I needed.

They wouldn't give me the suppliers number (obvs) but I did email them the photo of what I was looking for and they said they'd find out for me. Over the course of our holiday, they mailed me back and told me they could have one made and the price. Perfect! Unfortunately when I got back from holiday to get it, it wasn't exactly right. The base of the hutch was chicken wire. I explained that the entire reason I wanted this specific hutch is because it had no base. There is no way I could clean hay and whatnot out of the base of a hutch I couldn't even reach into with a closed bottom o_0

I suppose they presume the hutch will go on the grass or something, but I don't like it getting wet ... and then they were worried about the digging. Well Lily has never been a digger first off and then I explained it was still going to be placed on bricks and that the open base was for cleaning purposes. They said they'd chat to the guy and get back to me. I'm still waiting to hear, but they were pretty efficient last time, so fingers crossed we can get it soonsoon!

After that we had a very relaxed Saturday afternoon. Watched a bunch of Brooklyn Nine Nine and started The Walking Dead (we finished Season 1 this weekend ... behind, I know). We made ostrich mince wraps for dinner and just generally relaxed and adjusted to being home. Which, obviously, meant LOTS of cuddles and playing with The Gypsy Cat.

She has handled our being away a lot better this time, doesn't seem to have gotten at all upset with us. Shew. It was worrying me. While she was at home, we were kept company by cats everywhere we went! Mom's two are particularly gorgeous tho, meet Jax (boy) and Finny (girl):

I have come home to realise that Gypsy is actually not that fat, because Mom's cats are so much bigger than her. Don't get me wrong, she's got a tummy on her (don't we all o_0 but let's not ruin our mood lamenting the fact that none of our clothes currently fit. pfft), but after spending 2 weeks with the floofiest cats around, she seems quick normal, small even - haha. No idea what breed mom's are as they were rescue kittens.

Our grass has grown long and Lily is loving it, mostly. It does make Gyps a lot sneakier at hunting her. Haha. The gardener is back today tho ...

On Sunday morning I made us flapjacks for breakfast. You know, as a Last Day of Holiday Breakfast treat. Yum. It's been ages!

And then we went to visit his sis as she had to put one of her dogs down that morning :( Sad. After that we met up with The Trucker's friends at Bosheuval Country Estate (be warned: website ranks as rubbish on my browsing scale tho) for lunch.

I'll admit I was skeptical. But it turned out to be an absolutely awesome afternoon! Seriously, this place is great, try and get there for a Sunday lunch. They have a inhouse beer, the Pinzgauer Pilsner as well as a new one that we got to taste (I forget the name), which is much more of a girl beer and I really quite liked it :)

Lunch was a buffet (which is my worst, honestly), but this is quite possibly one of the best I've been to. R120 (or was it R125?) for all you can eat Ribs (which is what I had), Fillet, Chicken and a good variety of veg (mixed veg, delish creamed spinach and amazing roast potatoes) and salads (coleslaw, green salad). We ate far too much, obviously.

The venue is beautiful and appears to be on a working farm. Someone there definitely has a vision and I like the direction they're heading. They seem to still be building the main wedding venue but they have a few cute little cottages that look like they're finished already. Beautiful gardens (damn, I wish we'd taken a blanket!) and a pool for the kiddies. Apparently they are also doing some live music events there.

Yip, I'd definitely go back for another long lazy delicious lunch!

Needless to say, The Trucker and I got home around 4pm, I hauled a blanket onto our delightfully soft long grass and we napped and read in the shade. But we couldn't eat another thing all night! Haha.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. As is tradition on my Cape Town holidays, I continued to work my way thru JD Robb's In Death series. Much handier now that I have the books I couldn't get from Dad on my Kindle ;) Although I haven't quite finished the last one yet ... so it must still be holidays, right? ;)

As usual, I adore these. I think they are the perfect holiday reads. My Kindle tells me each should take me 5h30 to read from start to finish. They have crime & mystery, romance and sci-fi (they're set 50 years in the future). And, there are plenty to keep me going for a while longer! Haha.

* This book is part of the In Death series: Naked in Death (1995), Glory in Death (1995), Immortal in Death (1996), Rapture in Death (1996), Ceremony in Death (1997), Vengeance in Death (1997), Holiday in Death (1998), ~Midnight in Death (1998), Conspiracy in Death (1999), Loyalty in Death (1999), Witness in Death (2000), Judgment in Death (2000), Betrayal in Death (2001), ~Interlude in Death (2001), Seduction in Death (2001), Reunion in Death (2002), Purity in Death (2002), Portrait in Death (2003), Imitation in Death (2003), Divided in Death (2004), Visions in Death (2004), Survivor in Death (2005), Origin in Death (2005), Memory in Death (2006), ~Haunted in Death (2006), Born in Death (2006), Innocent in Death (2007), Creation in Death (2007), ~Eternity in Death (2007), Strangers in Death (2008), Salvation in Death (2008), ~Ritual in Death (2008), Promises in Death (2009), Kindred in Death (2009), ~Missing in Death (2009), Fantasy in Death (2010), Indulgence in Death (2010), ~Possession in Death (2010), Treachery in Death (2011), New York to Dallas (2011), ~Chaos in Death (2011), Celebrity in Death (2012), Delusion in Death (2012), Calculated in Death (2013), Thankless in Death (2013), ~Taken in Death (2013)

~ included in Anthologies

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