Friday, January 24, 2014

Focusing on the Fact that it's Friday

Ah, finally Friday. I wont lie I'm kinda living for the weekends at the moment. Not ideal, I know. How has this week been? Well work-wise it has marginally improve all the way up to merely "okay". Which, in my books, is a plus because at least it has improved. That said I still got full of the panics last night at bedtime.

I have no idea really what I'm freaking out about. There are no deadlines or stress from that side, it's more of an emotional thing. #sigh Am trying kinesiology next week (Mom goes and The Peeb just went to the same lady ... so I figured it's worth a try). I don't want to go to a psychologist to chat about it, in my experience it doesn't "solve" problems. I don't really have a problem talking about things, I currently have a problem fixing them. Anyway, we'll see ...

Update: Just read this article one of my FB friends posted "How To Deal When People Are Driving You Nuts". And it really spoke to me. That's exactly what I'm looking for. However I can't bear yoga. I am not bendy and I don't really "get" it. But aside from the "solve it with yoga" part, it really resonated with me. Anybody got this figured out, without yoga?

The rest of life is good tho :) At least there is that. Nothing ever all goes right at one time, don't they say? I went to dinner with @WhizBangLouLou on Tuesday evening at Assaggi (yay, used another of my The Entertainer vouchers). Was awesome to catch up. And the food was good. Not quite Cafe-del-Sol-home-made-pasta-amazing tho. Sadly, I didn't get to have the zuchini frites again, and I remember that those were super yummy! I had a home made fettuccine with bacon/pancetta amatriciana sauce.

On Wednesday The Trucker and I went to the lawyers to sign the final docs for the bond and transfer! Eep. They reckon transfer will go thru 10 - 15 February. We tried to arrange to start our renovations on 01 Feb, but we've been told we have to wait till it gets lodged as things could still go wrong, but after that it's just a matter of time.

The Trucker has taken off February to manage our renovations and some other projects of his own. So on Saturday we're having another run around morning, getting tile samples. We've picked the one for the bathroom, but since we are now going with Rustenburg Granite in the kitchen due to pricing (crap granite is expensive!!), I am re-thinking the colours ... since, I think Rustenburg granite doesn't match with ANYTHING ?!? Hahahaha.

I was trying to find simple colour ideas online and the trend definitely seems to be lighter counter tops. So now I want a lighter floor tile cause I think they will conflict too much. I am also terrified ... how do you have any idea what a whole kitchen of the colours you can only see in tiny little squares will end up looking?! Here's throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best o_0

So yes, there will be more tile and cupboard scouting coming up this weekend.

I think other stuff has happened this week, but I can't really think of what. I'm in a bit of a keep-your-head-down and stay-in-a-bubble sort of mood these days.

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MeeA said...

Pinterest is your friend! And so is Lots of the stuff on there will give you a very good idea as to what you can expect from your tile and counter top choices...
Glad to hear it's getting a bit better at work. Nothing worse than spending most of your time in a place where you're miserable!

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