Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting By

#Sigh it's Monday. I'm not gonna lie, I've been feeling that tummy-churning anxious anticipation of Monday all weekend. Yup something is definitely off with me right now on the work front. Freaking out and panicking and worrying about work on a Saturday night when you go to bed (of course it only happens then!) and feeling ill like you might throw up. Not ideal. Not really sure what or if there's a solution to this, I'm just trying to take each day as it comes.

And focusing on all the other good bits. My new little bunny-boy who has had great fun with free reign in the garden (still supervised). Gypsy has adjusted to him much quicker than Lily. Lily is still not happy with him :( Gypsy is chasing him a bit more, but he's quick. But he's also too little to really be very afraid of her, so sometimes he just runs right up to her and sniffs her and she gets a bit of a fright. Haha. It really is adorable <3

The other awesome news I'm focusing on right now is April Holidays! Yeah baby. I put my leave in already :) So, in light of the new cars and new house (hoping to sign the documents this week??) and the renovations we'll be doing there in Feb, we decided to do a Local Road Trip over April, instead of our intention of going to Australia & New Zealand (awe :( ).

And we were gonna go for a whole 3 weeks (take 11 days leave get 3 weeks off!) but it felt like too long to be away from the animals and also started to get a little expensive. So I trimmed it down and we have an awesome itinerary planned (you'll have to wait for that!) but the highlights for me include: Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park (which custom trailer would you choose to stay in?), Farm 215, Addo Elephant Park, Knysna Treehouses, Cape Agulhas and KolKol Mountain Lodge (all places I've never been!). To say I am looking forward to it would be an understatement. We are also going to try taking the Trans Karoo Express (Shosholoza Meyl) to Cape Town, instead of flying.

So yeah, that's coming up, but I also had a pretty good weekend. On Friday evening we used the first of our The Entertainer vouchers and took The Trucker's 2nd parents to The Squire's Loft for dinner. Shew, Parkhurst was pumping. We got a table outside, thank goodness with the heat, and ordered 2 starters to share: Zuchini Fries (yum!) and the Camembert stuffed with Figs (not at all gooey, which is what I was expecting).

For mains, 3 of us all had the same! We couldn't resist their Biltong & Avo signature steak (and this, from me, who *never* orders steak out!). And Ma ordered the Kingklip. Unfortunately she sent it back as it wasn't correctly cooked, and barely touched it even after it came back (we'd already finished eating and she still wasn't very happy with it). They handled it fantastically and the manager came over and comped her meal. It isn't ideal when you have a bad dish, but at least when it is handled professionally, it doesn't put a damper on your whole evening :)

The Trucker had to have dessert and I, of course, had a taste. He had their Chocolate Duette and it was delish!

On Saturday we trekked out to Pretoria to visit Cupboard Warehouse to have a look at their finishes and colours and get a proper quote. Shewee ... even a DIY Kitchen is gonna cost a fortune o_0 Well, actually, the truth is it's not the kitchen so much as the cupboard for the 3 bedrooms!! Yoh. Anyhoo, the search continues.

It was absolutely boiling on Saturday so after that we had a very relaxed afternoon at home, trying not to melt and to keep the bunnies as cool as possible (we had ice blocks in their water bowls, ice bricks in the hutches near to where they were lying and the fan outside to move the air around). Later, when it was cooler, we took them for another drive ... still no luck :(

Toxic Mouse and his girlf came over for a braai which was cool. And then on Sunday morning I woke up to the awesome sound of rain! Luckily (for The Trucker) it wasn't too much rain since he had a cricket game. Although I thought it was the perfect weather for lazing in bed or in front of the TV. So we slept late (later than we should've he had 15mins to get ready!).

I did our grocery shopping and then headed to @Thunderkitty6's to visit her newborn boy (he's not even 2 weeks old!). Shew, feeling a little broody now! He is so tiny and so lovely. It was a fab way to spend a Sunday afternoon, friends, champagne and an adorable newborn baby boy.

And that was my weekend.

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