Friday, January 17, 2014

Just Your Average Week

Hmmm, it hasn't been a very eventful week. Back to Boot Camp. Although I did skip last night's class, damn it has been freaking hot here in Jozi. Instead I went to actual real gym with The Trucker and ended with a swim. Much better to be in air-conditioning and a swimming pool, I reckon. So at least I didn't skip and do nothing, that make me feel better :) It's actually nice going to gym with him, so I think if I have to skip Boot Camp again for an excuse like weather (usually rain), this is a much better option.

I went to SCM on Tuesday. Shew there is a whole lot of new faces! And The Trucker started his Photography Course (my xmas gift to him).

On Wednesday was a friend of The Trucker's birthday so we ended up at The Mariner again. I'm glad I'd been before because I'm not sure I'd be that keen to go back after the experience. That said, we were a large group (9 adults plus a kiddie) and they were busier than the last time I was there too. But we only got our food around 9. I hate eating so late :(

This time I tried their 12 Prince Prawns (R155, although I did want sushi, I thought I should try something else on the menu). I wouldn't have it again, but that is personal choice, not because there was anything wrong with them at all. The prawns themselves were good, I just prefer mine lathered in garlic butter (they serve it with a more mayo-type sauce). I think next time I'm going to have to try the Prawn and Monkfish curry (I was debating it, but went with the prawn platter instead).

Work is not good at the moment, but I'm taking steps to address this. I think I might like to try going on an Anger Management course or something. Where does one go when one's tolerance levels are zero in an attempt to get them back up to a manageable level? Can you learn to have better tolerance? I would LOVE to! So yeah, any suggestions? Leave me a comment, please.

I adore getting home to the animals at the moment, Smudge is too adorable. I think things with him & Lily will be better after we try another Bonding Drive. She is still occasionally trying to nip him thru the bars, but will often just lie near him, or ignore him altogether. Last night we let him have some run around time in the garden, alone, while Lily was still in her cage and Gypsy was inside. The little guy loved it. It was so fabulous to watch him spontaneously jump a foot in the air out of joy :) Exploring, smelling, running. I can't wait till he can be out permanently!

The hutch swapping is also going better. Lily has adjusted to the new hutch now. Which is also why I think bonding will go easier. Anyhoo.

I am also now in full holiday planning mode :) Looks like the April Road Trip will go ahead, now to just start making bookings! Eep. Coordinating things can be tricky, I expect. We'll see. Got some awesome places planned :)


Chris said...

hmmm. I think tolerance isn't super easy to come across once it runs out. it might help to begin a new job? new people, new environment, these tend to make us a bit more gracious to those around.. until of course the new things too become overfamiliar :) maybe you are struggling as a result of finding yourself at a more senior level than most of your colleagues? imagine starting a job where everyone is at least twice as skilled/smart as you. easy to tread the waters of humility in a fishpond like that :) hope you're good!

phillygirl said...

@Chris - Thanks for your thoughts. I almost did leave last year, but actually I really do like it here ... mostly ;) Isn't that true everywhere?

Things are getting better, I think it's just certain circumstances colliding that make situations hard to deal with at times. Hopefully those circumstances are giving me a breather for a little bit! Haha.

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