Monday, February 10, 2014

Yeah, I guess it was a pretty good one

Monday. Again. Yoh. Time is a very strange thing.

Anyway ... the weekend. Right. So I did call the lawyers on Friday morning after my blog post. They tell me they haven't received a single Rates Clearance Certificate ALL WEEK (our conveyancer alone has 32 outstanding!). Apparently there used to be a whole lot of people authorised to do these certificates, but then the Council discovered fraud and cut that number down to 3 (assume that's when it went from 5 days to 8 days waiting). And now they seem to have found more fraud with those 3 ... and so they are "investigating" which means they seem to not be not be issuing anything at the moment.

What a freaking balls up. And I can't even find anything online about this. It is about to have a severe impact on our lives since there is not estimated date on when they'll get the certificate at all now, and they can't lodge until they do. So we are having a special addendum drawn up on the Offer to Purchase today so that we can get our renovations going. The seller has paid all the outstanding rates, the lawyers have documented that, so I can't see that there will be anything that could go wrong at this point ... other than the freaking council, of course. Bloody Government. Such a Catch 22. Yay, they're actually doing something about the fraud, but boo that their entire service grinds to a halt. Pfft.

On Friday evening, The Trucker went to gym and I headed to the Randburg Golf Course for sundowners with @clairam and friends. Lovely way to end the afternoon. We didn't do much else in the evening.

On Saturday we had a fairly lazy morning at home, eating breakfast and clearing the old hutch (now that it's officially no longer in use) and cleaning the new one. And then we headed out to do a little house-admin. Looking at lights and getting more stuffing for our old Coricraft couch.

It didn't feel like a very productive day, actually. In fact, it wasn't a very productive weekend at all.

In the evening I decided on Rocomama's to surprise The Trucker. Wow. We'll definitely be going back. What a great little burger joint.

The menu's are order forms, nice and simple. We both had one of their Peanut Butter G-Shakes. Yumyum. And then the burgers arrive looking quite superb. You can actually see every perfect layer. I did a build-your-own and The Trucker went with the Bacon-Cheese-Guac burger.

The fries come in these cute little baskets and we were reminded of Shake Shack. Now, if only they offered Chilli-Cheese fries or Sweet Potato fries (hint, hint!!), I reckon there'd be no need to ever go anywhere else!

Delish. Go try it :)

When we got home, we watched American Hustle. Jees, Louise. What is up with Movies these days. Over 2hrs long. Yawn. Neither of us really enjoyed this movie, it definitely dragged for me ... I dunno, movies just aren't cracking it anymore for me. This was a star-studded cast but yeah, nope. I wouldn't suggest any one else sit thru it.

On Sunday, The Trucker was up and out the house before 6am for his Photography Course Practical at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. By the time I got up and out of bed, he was on his way home. So we headed out for breakfast and got our grocery shopping done (oooh, didya see? Lindt has a new flavoured bunny and it is yummy!). And then he was off to cricket for the afternoon.

For dinner we tried something new ... remember that Cauli-rice I made before? Well, we decided to give it a try as a pasta substitute this evening. Winner. He made a spicy tomato & chorizo sauce and I made the cauli-rice. Dinner was delish and filling. We'll definitely do this again. And then he made us Peanut Butter smoothies (with Woolies Vanilla Frozen Yogurt). All round delisciousness!

So, yeah, I guess it was a pretty good one.

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