Friday, February 07, 2014

Fingers Crossed

Mkay, so it's Friday again. You'd think mebbe I'd have something worthwhile to say ... nope. Not this week. 2014 has been a pretty quiet year so far, it seems.

I didn't do much of anything this week. Oh, but I did go to SCM on Tuesday evening. That was good fun :) Realised I did miss it. Although I still don't see weekly attendance from me ...

And other than that? There were some Boot Camp appearances :) But mostly I have been feeling a bit blue this week. Had a fairly out-of-synch week with The Trucker, but that is all sorted now :) Was feeling a little disconnected.

Valentines day is coming up and I'm torn as to what to do. Obvs we're sticking with (my) tradition and it'll be a nice quiet dinner at home ... but which home? Should I do something in the new house? Will we have lodged by then o_0

Oh yes, there is another bone of contention right now. Clearly the first week of February (did I mention this is the *shortest* month of the year?) is pretty much over. And we haven't lodged yet. They said getting the Rates Clearance certificate usually takes about 5 working days, but the council is being a bit slow so it's taking about 8 ... but ours was paid up and requested on the 24th of January. Today is 10 working days (!!) Pfft. I have big hopes for today. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed.

We have to be out of our current place by the 01 March. This is not negotiable. If we have to move before the renovations are finished ... well, I don't really know how that'll work o_0 Not worth thinking about right now anyway. It's Friday, it's going to be a good day :)

Oh, but back to my real question ... I always make something simple and delicious for our quiet Valentines picnic ... and we have no Everson's this year (yet?). But have no inspiration on what to make. Ideas, send them my way please :)

Oh yes, I forgot ... the drama on Monday night. The Trucker had collected his niece from school, who I introduced to Fluxx, because her mom was having car trouble. And when she came to collect her, I was putting the bunnies away. Smudge still has not caught onto the "bedtime" routine so I still need to pick him up and put him away, unlike Lily who gets herded in at night. As I leaned down to pick him up, the underneath of my arm touched on what turned out to be a Slug Caterpillar. Don't worry, I'd never heard of them either! I took a photo in case we needed to go to the Emergency Room o_0 OMG It was freaking sore. For about half an hour. The Trucker dutifully inspected it while I squirmed to make sure no hairs were stuck (there were none) and lathered Germolene on. It turned an apple-sized area quite pink before returning to normal before bed. Shew. I highly recommend staying away from these beasties in future!

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