Friday, March 14, 2014

Bathroom Love

Shew, Friday. Already. Yay! I think this week has felt shorter because obviously, I missed work on Monday and I worked from home yesterday (waking up and driving in the rain in the early hours, read still dark, of the morning has been getting to me!).

Yes, it is pretty much still raining here. Although yesterday was almost dry. There was even some delightful sunshine in the morning ... But after lunch the clouds came over all heavy again. They're still here covering the sky as far as the eye can see.

But other than that it's been a quiet week. I missed SCM since I had missed the whole weekend with The Trucker. And the rain. It makes me want to curl up with a cuddly blanket on the couch, in front of the TV, and not go anywhere. Which is what I did a lot of this week.

Last night we did end up getting take-out Chinese food and sitting on the couch together (the rest of the week nights he's been working at the kitchen counter on his laptop). Note to self: really must find bar stools we like so we have more than one! Haha.

Oh, and on the house front, since the shower glass went in over the weekend, I took our "after" pics for you to see :) There are still a few more bits and pieces coming, but who can wait so long?

And, typically, after I took the photos, The Trucker & I got all handy and put up the towel rails, finally. And put in our coffee cup hooks in the kitchen (there is not as much cupboard space in this kitchen as you may think!) And put up my photo frame above our bed <3 Little things, all getting ticked off the list. Slowly.

We're off to visit his mom this weekend so losing another weekend of house stuff ... so have to do as many "little" things as we can during the week. I know, if you came to visit, you probably wouldn't even notice the things that scream in my head every time I see them. You don't know the original plans ... like how it was supposed to only be a dado rail of 3 mosaics, not 4. But it turned out okay in the end :)

Is this not the BEST bathroom, ever? I adore it. We still need to get some little cupboards made for either side of the basin on the floor. And I am now on the lookout for hanging plant pots for in the corner above the bath, next to the mirror. (If anyone knows where I can find ones like in the picture below in Joburg, PLEASE leave a comment!) And am also thinking of sneaking an Air Plant into the shower now too! The pic inspired me, but it's not where I'd put it in my shower ... but I know the perfect spot for it.

Folks, and this is just the bathroom ... do you see how home improvements just take up all of your time, energy and money? Once you start it is so hard to stop! Cause you know how nice "this" would look? And wouldn't "this" be perfect over there? It's a problem. Haha.


Louisa said...

Looks fantastic!
I haven't been there in a while, but I suspect you might be able to find similar hanging pots at Lifestyle?

phillygirl said...

@SpecialK - yeah, the old colour choices *really* were awful (just wait till you see the kitchen before photos o_0 !!) I am so pleased with what we've done!

@Louisa - Thanks! I will check them out as soon as I can. Actually I saw Cityslicker had one for sale this week. But am nervous not being able to see it before buying since I have such a clear picture in my head.

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