Monday, March 17, 2014

Smiling and the Sun is out

This weekend feels like it flew by! At least the rain seems to be paused tho :) I am a little worried about the bunnies today tho ... I didn't know what the weather was going to be like today when I left home at 6am. So the black tarp is over their hutch ... but today looks set to be quite warm. I hope they don't get too hot in there :( Most especially since (typical!) it's the one day The Trucker isn't home to lift it off for me ... he was up at 4am (!!) this morning to catch a 6am flight to Cape Town for work. He'll be home tomorrow.

11h25 Update: And now I am positively thrilled I left the tarp down on the bunnies this morning since it is absolutely bucketing down again o_0

On Friday after work, we went shopping for supplies to take down to Reitz on Saturday and decided to do home made pizza's for dinner. Because of the move and me being away we haven't tried out his new Pizza Stone yet. He seems suitably impressed ... although I didn't even get a bite of his pizza to try ;) Haha. He puts on yucky stinky tobasco sauce (which, as you might be able to tell, I can't even stand the smell of!) but I put on piles of red & yellow peppers (which he can't stand) so it all evens out in the end! But, I could hear him crunching his crisp base, so it definitely seems effective and better than his attempts at pre-frying the base to try and get it crispy. Yay!

On Saturday we headed off to Reitz (that's a very overcast view of the Vaal above, we stopped to see how high it was) to visit The Trucker's Mom & Gran overnight. I haven't seen them since before we broke up! So that's sometime back in 2012. To be fair there was some kind of fall out and they hadn't spoken in nearly a year (neither seems to know what caused it o_0 ) but they got back in touch at the end of January.

It was a lovely weekend. For the first time I actually felt welcome in my own right, not just sort of tolerated as an obligation of having him visit. The Trucker's mom took his break-up with his ex-girlfriend pretty badly, I think. I get it, they dated for 7 years or something ridonkulous. From when he was 21. When his folks were living nearby and they all spent a lot of time together. They got to know her well. They expected him to marry her. Anyway, I think she was sort of hoping I wouldn't last and he'd get back together with his ex or something (totally disregarding the fact that they had been broken up for more than a year when we started dating!).

This time the pictures of the ex-girlfriend were no longer hanging around the house. And she spoke to me, not just as part of a conversation with The Trucker, like she was actually telling or showing me something specifically. I feel much better after this visit! Realise that even on Friday evening I was joking with him and asking if he'd reminded his mom that it was me coming along and not the ex-girlf :P

We looked thru old photo albums (my best!). Damn he was quite a cute kid. I want to get a bunch for our photo wall before we put it up again because otherwise it'll be terribly lop-sided, all my family together and then his family photos tacked on the end. I want it merged, amalgamated, joined. I found a couple this weekend, although they don't have many (and none from his Dad's side unfortunately), so I need to get copies made. And I need to go thru all of mine as well to figure out what sort of photos I need. I'm excited :)

In the evening we watched About Time again. His mom thoroughly enjoyed it and we even enjoyed it again, having seen it so recently. We're all loved up at the moment so things are all floaty and perfect.

We had a lazy morning on Sunday and then his mom made us delish french toast (with actual french loaf!) and bacon for breakfast before we headed back to Joburg. It was a gorgeous drive. The rolling yellow Free State hills. And the sun-flowers were out :) The Trucker even stopped a few times and I picked a few of them from the side of the road. Unfortunately they didn't handle the trip well :(

We went straight to the Design Quarter, on the hunt for bar stools. I think we've picked one. It's called a Padded Pu Bar Chair. We saw a grey one we really liked, although I can only find black on their site (strange since they had white & grey, no black, in store o_0 ). Damn, these things are expensive!

Then we popped home with just enough time to drop off our bags and say hello to the Gypsy Cat before heading to Rocomamas for lunch with CollegeInstructor for his birthday. Many peanut butter shakes later, we headed to do our grocery shopping for the week and then home.

It was a long day! The weather made me quite energetic tho and I did some gardening while the bunnies ran in the sunshine. We've blocked off the garage with their old hutch and given them the run of the whole garden now. Mostly since Smudge realised he could jump over the little fence we'd put up ...

It was a lovely weekend. And I'm more than thrilled this is a 4 day week :)


phillygirl said...
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MeeA said...

I feel you on the MIL! Mine still had pictures of D's 1st girlfriend up in the house ON OUR WEDDING DAY!!
We took a very long time to reach an understanding but we're doing okay now...
Glad you're getting there sooner! :)

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