Monday, March 24, 2014

Long Weekend FTW

Shew, what a weekend! Seriously, a very much needed, full one. Although I am at home today, waiting to make an appointment with a physio o_0 (Wooo, appointment booked for 9:45) Did something to my neck, NO idea what, but best to get it sorted asap, I reckon.

It started on Saturday morning, shew, have had very broken sleep since then. Every time I try to turn while sleeping it hurts, but I have to turn because it hurts too ... It seemed like all the hot baths / microwave hotties had helped by yesterday evening. But this morning it was sore again. Do you have any idea how many movements rely on your neck muscles o_0 It is a lot. Lying down, getting up ... sneezing is the worst!

But I digress. Back to Thursday evening. I'd booked tickets for The Trucker and I to go see the latest production of Rocky Horror Picture Show (on at Monte till 30th March). Man, I completely love that show.

We shared a pizza for dinner at Ciao Baby. The pizza was yummy, but their menu didn't blow me away so I'm unlikely to go back, except in a pinch. Which is how we ended up there in the first place. We didn't want something big or heavy before the show ... and I really don't find the restaurants at Monte that great.

The show was fantastic. Seriously, it is hard to go wrong with RHPS. They had my fave, Brendan van Rhyn, playing Frank again. I think the role is his forever in South Africa now, I've never seen anyone better ... but I didn't think his make-up, hair or outfits were as good as the last time. But that is about the worst thing I can say about the whole show. Oh yes, and Magenta's annoyed sounded-put-on accent. That was annoying. But Rif Raf was one of the best I've seen. And I loved the set.

And the participation boxes were such a fabulous touch, I loved it! Oh and then the icing on the cake, The Trucker & I got a photo with Frank before we left. Sold! (ps. in a total aside, I was in high school a year behind the Director!)

On Friday we were up fairly early. The Trucker had arranged for the gardener to come over and get our acacia's planted and dig the beds ... and move 2 existing trees! Once he got started, we headed off to Lifestyle to stock up on a few more necessary plant items ... Potato Bush trees and I found an air-plant (see how cool it looks in the shower?) ... and a whole lot of other indoor plants and compost etc.

By the end of the afternoon, literally we had to force the gardener to leave at 3pm so we could get to Bokkie's wedding, the garden looked amazing. Seriously, it makes such a difference, I am so happy with how it's come out <3

So yes, on top of spending the whole day in the garden, we got cleaned and prettied up and headed to Mellow Oaks for Bokkie's wedding ... Shew, it was like a high-school reunion for me (7 of us from our matric year - The Queen of Melodrama even flew out from London for the weekend, Evil Bob and the rest of them were up from Cape Town)! I realised I've known these boys for 22 years now. Yikes. The boy I took to my matric dance was there! The boy I kissed at my 21st. There was a lot of history. It was a fantastic night.

Okay, so it's not the venue I'd pick, but it did the job. It was a stock-standard wedding venue. The real magic was in all the friends and familiar faces.

On Saturday, trying to release my sore neck by acting normally, we headed out to do some more house shopping. We went to buy more towels and accidentally bought new bedding and 2 new plates for my collection. And we decided to just bite the bullet and buy the bar stools we wanted. Good thing we did too, 3 Mr Price stores later and we finally had them. What a hassle! Mr Price must have one of the worst stock systems ever. Which comes as somewhat of a surprise since they seem so technically advanced with those counter mounted screens facing both the customer and the teller at once.

The grey ones clearly are highly in demand ;) But we found 4 and I sat on the floor putting them together with the allen key (I love that about Mr Price furniture!) yesterday. In fact I am sitting on one right now. They are great. And I really like the grey, I think it's more subtle than the black or white would be.

On Saturday evening, after an afternoon nap, we headed to Craft in Parkhurst for @WhizBangLouLou's birthday dinner. It was a great evening, even tho I felt a bit rude to the people sitting to the left of me ... without moving my entire body to face them, it was hard to talk to them. Haha.

I started with the very yummy alcoholic Ginger Beer. Love. But I had to move on to a Bone Crusher after that since it has been ages (they have a great craft beer menu!). I ordered one of their pies. I had my heart set on the Chicken & Macon one, but they were out of all except the Gammon, Leak and Potato. So I went with that. The Trucker had a pizza (boring!). My pie was delish! I would definitely recommend it. And I'd have it again (or a different flavour) ... except for the fact that I had some serious order-envy over the Welsh Rarebit Steak. OMG someone else at the table ordered it and I had a taste. Yip, I'd definitely have that next time. But after that, if I went a third time, I'd have one of the pies again ;) Haha.

For dessert, I had to have one of the Lemon Meringues that had been staring at me since we'd arrived. They looked amazing, and it was no understatement. Delish. The Trucker had the Popcorn Panacota. Not too shabby. That salted caramel was superb.

On Sunday morning I had sort of intended to head off to watch The Trucker play cricket, but when I woke up I was in such pain, I stayed on the couch with my microwave hottie watching series instead. I did feel better a few hours later after I'd showered so braved grocery shopping.

When The Trucker got home, he got down to some serious house stuffs. We needed a whole lot of plumbing done (don't ask me what, but he fixed leaky taps, taps with no pressure and noisy toilets and running toilets). It was a long afternoon for him. I put the chairs together and did a little unpacking and sorting ... and then I was exhausted and went to lie down and read my book. My entire upper body was taking strain. I had a lovely nap and felt much better after a hot bath. And I watered the new garden.

Ah, it really was a completely lovely weekend (aside from the pain).

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Louisa said...

Your garden looks great! Hope your neck feels better soon...

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