Thursday, March 20, 2014

Busy Up Ahead

Yay, technically today is Friday! We have a long weekend ahead of us in South Africa :) It'll be the first weekend I'm spending in the new house since the weekend we moved! I know, right? I can't wait.

But it's still gonna be a busy one (Rocky Horror tonight, a high-school friend's wedding tomorrow and @WhizBangLouLou's birthday on Saturday). Which will more than make up for my very quiet week ;)

On Monday The Trucker was in Cape Town, so I had a nice quiet evening at home on my own. And last night SCM was cancelled (although I had intended going, typical! Haha) so I had a nice catch-up evening with The Trucker who arrived home around 18h30. Frozen Mac n Cheese to the rescue - haha.

And then last night he was exhausted and in a funny mood. And I was exhausted because I got a bee in my bonnet when I got home from work about cleaning ... I was kinda hoping it'd magically happen over our domestic's last few visits, but it hasn't. Or not to my satisfaction anyway. So there I was on my hands and knees scrubbing grouting and paint spray off the kitchen floor tiles. And then I moved onto the main bathroom ... but I had less luck. I'm hoping I can get all the touch-up painting I want done this weekend.

And I'm hoping to go on a mission to find my hanging pot plants :)

I seem to have missed mentioning that we watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Sunday evening. Well, we did. And it was adorable. It is quite predictable, but some Sunday evenings, light fluffy and predictable is just what you need ;) So I'd recommend it.

In other fun news, the list of tickets for future events on my fridge is growing! I booked some more this week & last week. So what's coming up?
1. Obviously, Rocky Horror at Montecasino this evening.
2. SA on Tap Craft Beer Festival on the 29th March and this year you get to pick your own glass type! Yay. Obviously, I went with the goblet.
3. Da Vinci - The Genius is FINALLY coming to Joburg! I have been waiting for ages now ... especially since right when I was expecting it they went and extended the Cape Town exhibition. I have heard amazing things about this one from all the people I know who went in Cape Town and can't wait. It opens on the 2nd April.
4. Jozi Craft Beer Fest on 10 May.
5. Days of the Dinosaurs which I am hugely looking forward to (even tho only kids under 8 get to *ride* the dinosaur ;) ). It opens on the 20th June (and will be in Cape Town from the 2 August).

Anything else you can think of that I should have tickets for?

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