Friday, March 28, 2014


Urgh, this has not been a great week. In fact even tho I still only technically had a 4 day week (the physio ended up booking me off on Monday), it has dragged ...

I'm off to the physio after work again. Follow up appointment. She said I could cancel if I felt 100% better, the worst news is I feel about as bad :P Monday & Tuesday were pretty awful. Driving in to work on Tuesday knocked me. Try changing lanes on a 4 lane highway when you have to rotate your whole body to move your head. Yeah, you people who've worn neck braces, you know what I mean.

And then, on Wednesday things improved significantly. Seriously, getting out of bed was easier, my range of motion improved. Thursday was similar. Not 100%, so still planning to keep this afternoon's appointment, but so much better.

Then, last night, I tripped over the foot of the laundry stand as I went to close Gypsy's window ... as I stumbled I must've moved my neck strangely. Or just more than it was ready for yet. The pain.

I have set myself back to Monday / Tuesday state. I have missed a whole week of Boot Camp :( Damn, I hope this gets sorted asap. Tuesday showed me how simply exhausting and draining it is to be in pain. it doesn't feel like today is going to be a good day.

And on top of (or because of) all that, I am not feeling all sunshine and roses at home. Nothing is wrong, I just feel like we're in a slump. He works all night, I watch TV. He stops briefly for dinner (which either of us makes) and watches something with me ... and then goes back to his laptop. He's got a lot going on at the moment, big work decisions and opportunities. His mind isn't switching off at night. Every night this week after we've got in to bed and switched out the light, he's got up again and gone to try and numb his brain in front of the TV and fallen asleep on the couch. I know it's not a big thing, and I understand why ... but it still gets me down too. It's hard to explain, time before we fall asleep at night is important to me.

I know, I'm being prickly and overly sensitive :(

Anyway. Yeah, we haven't been going out much during the week either. I think with the house and the expense (OMG, did I tell you we worked out how much the renovations cost o_0 DOUBLE what we were kinda thinking beforehand. I know, we did re-do *everything* and in only 2 weeks ... but still) and the rain, we kinda went into a hibernation mode. And this week I haven't wanted to do anything or drive any more than to work and back with my neck. #sigh

To be fair, yesterday we did stop everything and go an sit outside for sundowners together. Managed to find some Liefman's Fruitesse and Lindeman's Pecheresse for much cheaper (more than R10 less!) at our local bottle store. So, happiness :)

Just feeling a little blue this morning ... am sure it'll pass ;)

Did I tell you I had another surprise delivered to my grandmother? This time I ordered Cape Town: Then & Now from Loot for her. Sounds like she's enjoying it. Am looking forward to seeing it when we go down in April.

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