Friday, January 31, 2014

Happiness is in all the little things

Well, it's been a very quiet week over here ... Today I wish I could be working from home / still in bed. It's calmed down a touch now, but I woke up to torrential rain this morning. Lovely (for me, cause I was safe inside a warm dry house). On days like today I am very grateful for my wellingtons and umbrella!

I hope the weather is like this on Sunday morning when I can doze lazily to the sound of the rain and stay in bed for as long as I like! Haha.

So yes, a *very* uneventful week for me. In fact I haven't done a single social thing. I made it to Boot Camp twice this week AND The Trucker and I did our neighbourhood walk on Wednesday too. Such a nice way to get some exercise and spend some time chatting away from other distractions (except for, obviously, trying to breathe - haha).

The Trucker made us some delish meals for dinner and I spent most of my free time at home trying to get the bunnies to accept being in the same hutch. Still nope :( The poor boy, he seems so enthusiastic and to so want love, but Lily is just being a big meanie. Oh well, here's hoping they'll get there soon ... I know how much she loved cuddling up with Rex, so I don't understand why she is being so anti. But who can guess at the minds of animals ...

Oh, and in other good news, the Shellac on my nails is still successfully stuck fast. So, I think this is a better option for me than the Gellish (which was off within less than a week both times I tried it ... or the place I had it done just wasn't very good :P).

What else? We are still waiting for our house to go to Deeds office / lodge, but as soon as it does we can get those renovations started. We paid the deposit for our kitchen and bedroom cupboards this week, so they should be ready for collection by the end of next week. Big smiles.

And there is loads of fun stuff coming up! I booked tickets for The Trucker & I for Rocky Horror. Like, my all time favourite show, ever. Although, I fear, that nothing will ever live up to Tim Curry or Brendan van Rhyn. And I'm still waiting for Da Vinci: The Genius to announce it's Joburg dates (I have it on good authority that it will be coming here!).

And then yesterday, I found out about the upcoming Days of the Dinosaurs coming to Joburg & Cape Town between June - August. Definitely going to that!

Oh yes, the other highlight of my week was that in December, I decided to treat my gran to more surprises during the year. She apparently loves getting post / deliveries (doesn't everyone when it's not a bill?) and rarely does (although The Peeb has taken to writing her letters, even tho she lives in the same city, which I think is lovely). She's going to be 90 this year, really what is the point of waiting for birthdays or xmas to give her a gift, who knows if she'll make the next one, you know?

So since I moved to Joburg, I have been forcing the family to take a family photo every xmas (or whenever we are all together, really) and the one we took at this year's xmas eve dinner was one of the best! So I ordered her a canvas print of it from Print Wild. Shew, their service is amazing. Her picture was delivered on Wednesday and I gather she loved the surprise :) Can't wait to go see how it came out for myself in April!

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