Monday, April 07, 2014

A Weekend Well Done

Shew. What a lovely full weekend we had. It wasn't all sunshine and roses. There was a pretty epic fight but we muddled thru it and came out the other side :)

We didn't do anything on Friday evening, stayed in and got stuck into True Detective, finally. I knew it was gonna be a good one and that The Trucker would enjoy it, but it took him a while to get into ... considering we watched the first 3 episodes over a whole month and then the last 5 in 2 days, that says something.

We've moved onto Walking Dead s04 now ... had to give myself a month with no zombie dreams before we went back to that show - haha.

On Saturday we headed out to do some admin and have some breakfast before going to the Da Vinci exhibition (R140 for adults, showing in Joburg until the 22 June).

Hmmm. I don't think that The Amazing Place is all that amazing. It's tucked away in a weird little part of Woodmead. They had parking at an extra R20 (We were there maybe an hour?) so everyone just parked in the little entrance road. Dumb. I heard such great things about the Cape Town venue, being as much a part of the experience as the exhibition itself. Anyway, the exhibition itself ...

It was pretty cool. And I'm glad I went and I think it's good to go and see. It was smaller than I expected (compared to the Body Worlds exhibition). I didn't get the audio guide (R40), but The Trucker did. You can actually share them and they did tell us that, so that was cool. I did end up borrowing it in the Mona Lisa section, but didn't feel like I missed out without it. But he thought it was good.

Yeah, so we wandered thru. The bits you can actually touch and play with are cool. It is very interesting. The man was so prolific and it's quite incredible to see how he was thinking about things so long before they ended up a reality. I often wonder these days what there is left to invent o_0

Anyway, The Last Supper bit was a giant disappointment. But I found the Mona Lisa bit quite fascinating. Seeing her real colours under all the varnish. Yeah, all pretty interesting and cool to see, but I'm not sure I'd go a second time (like @benguela is planning after he saw it first in Cape Town).

After that we went and did some random shopping. I am still on the hunt for my hanging ceramic planters ...I have had zero luck finding anything remotely close! And then we had a lazy afternoon and evening at home. I wasn't feeling great, to be honest.

And after our fairly lazy Saturday, we had a mammoth Sunday. Out to breakfast at The Culinary Table, where we bought a fair amount from their deli too! I reckon we'll be back to try a few other offerings on their menu too. This time I had their Savoury Belgian Waffle (R45 with Bacon, Syrup and Goats cheese), yumyum. The Trucker had their Eggs Benedict (R74) and said he thought it was the best he'd ever had!

Be warned tho, their coffees are small and The Trucker had 3! I had their freshly squeezed orange juice which was amazing!

After that it was off to Builders to return the bits and bobs that hadn't been used during the renovation and to buy our new washing line. We had an afternoon of DIY planned.

And then it was grocery shopping and we squeezed in a visit to the new Rosebank Finders Keepers market, still on a quest for those hanging planters o_0 Eep, we realised we only have one weekend left till we go away! I figured there was a good chance of finding a potter there ... but nope. Sheesh Rosebank is undergoing some massive changes. Has been ages since I was last there.

The market isn't great, it's quite tiny honestly. And there were no potters. But I had bribed The Trucker with his first Joburg Burger King to get him to agree to going, so he was still happy :) Sheesh. That place has been open almost 2 months and it is still queuing out the door! The service is iffy, but considering how busy they are I'm not really surprised.

And then it was home to get cracking on the DIY. Unfortunately we didn't have the right bolts for the washing line, so hopefully that'll go up today ... Some more of our pictures got hung, so it's feeling even more like home ;) We realised we have less than 2 weeks to upgrade the Guest Room to useable for someone to come and house sit while we're away - haha. So after that there was a lot of sorting and clearing. I went thru a giant box I'd been carting around with me, probably since I moved to or from Varen's place o_0 A lot went in the donation bag and a lot got thrown away. Things I've had since I was 21. That is a long time ago now!

And I cleaned the bunny hutch. We went to get some half price sushi at The Mariner for dinner. It's not great sushi but in my books half-price sushi is miles better than all you can eat sushi. Sunday was jam-packed and full to the brim!

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