Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Shew well yesterday was an interesting day that I didn't see coming!

So, as you may know, my birthday is coming up later this month ... we'll be spending it in Addo this year, actually. And our office does very cool birthday celebrations, where 2 people get assigned to you to arrange your day. Sometimes this goes well and I've seen some very special days planned. Sometimes it's a bit of a dud (often when random people who don't know you well are assigned to you). But mostly everyone gets a little bit of singing, cupcakes and made to feel special ... so I think it's a pretty amazing way for a company to handle colleagues birthdays. It's one of my favourite things we do here.

You won't believe some of the things we've had. Yes, someone has hired a stripper before. Someone's desk was turned into a Sangoma shack for a day. Someone else's desk was turned into a space ship. Crazy and amazing things. And who can forget that singing bunny I got last year!

Anyway, I had warned the organisers, not knowing who my fairies were obviously, that I'll be away for a week before and after my birthday ... can't imagine someone going thru the effort and then you're not back for a week or something o_0

And out of the blue I was called to a meeting downstairs ... you can imagine that birthday celebrations were not on my mind, being 19 days in advance. But that's just what happened!

And they got me a little bunny! A live bunny. Shew. They did also get me a Sorbet Pedicure voucher and cupcakes :) But a live bunny. They didn't know I already had two, they thought I still only had one.

Shame man. This tiny thing is sooo cute. A grey Angora Dwarf, I'd say. I felt for sure The Trucker would say an outright no. I sent him a pick of my holding the tiny thing saying "Look what I got for my birthday" Haha.

He didn't say no. He said "What's one more?".

I ummed and ahhed and cooed over the tiny thing all day with a stream of visitors to my desk and not much work going on. I decided to take it home to see how the rest of the menagerie would react.

But I had giant reservations. Lily took so long to bond with Smudge. There was nothing easy about that process at all. It was stressful and exhausting for 3 weeks. It was a lot of time and effort and exasperation from me. But worth it in the end, without doubt. There is nothing better than bunnies being friends :)

And then there was Gypsy. How would she react to this tiny furball? And we're going away in less than 2 weeks ... for 2 whole weeks.

But I took the little thing home. I put him in the cage top, let him munch some grass and let them discover him for themselves. It took quite a while. They were too busy playing on the other side of the garden. But let me tell you when they realised he was there, all hell broke loose.

Lily and Smudge started attacking each other again. Smudge seemed to like the new one, not trying to bite or attack him thru the bars. But Lily was definitely unimpressed and stressing out and wanted it gone.

What could I do? We don't have the time to try and adjust this little one to life at our house with our two before we go away. They are so much bigger than him! And we were just talking this weekend about the puppy again ... June. Smudge is big enough & well settled now, and we won't be away for a while so will have time.

A new bunny? We decided not to keep him. It is heart breaking. But I know he's going to a home he'll be loved in. One of my Birthday Fairies has a son who was sad to see this little one go yesterday morning. He is in for an awesome surprise when his dad brings him home again this evening :)

Shew. What an emotional rollercoaster.

And in other news, we bought a scooter. I know, right? It's been on the cards for a while. Petrol prices and all ... but The Trucker found an amazing deal, he does sniff those out particularly well. We went for a quick spin yesterday afternoon. Fun. Reminds me of being on holiday ;) I'll have to learn to ride it myself now! Exciting stuff.

Oh, and he hung that washing line. Shew it seems too small now! But it's up and we hung our first load and that's also pretty cool in the house department ;)

At least it wasn't all sad news yesterday.


MeeA said...

Let me be the first commenter to wish you a very happy upcoming birthday! :)
Cute bunny - and sweet that someone's little boy is going to have such an awesome surprise!
Have a fabulous trip, birthday and homecoming. I can't wait for the day we finally buy our own property. I have huge plans!

Louisa said...

He's so cute! What a pity you can't keep him.

Enjoy your holiday!

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