Friday, May 23, 2014

10 Years in Jozi

Shew. Am I ever ready for Friday. It's not that it's been a particularly busy week or anything, it's just that almost every day, all I've wanted to do was go home and hibernate / sleep / read my book. I think I need a Duvet Day.

Work has been fine tho, good even. Working on an awesome project that I am unusually enthusiastic about :)

Here's to a weekend with no plans (as yet). I had plans for Sunday, but they got cancelled. I have 3 friends with kiddies in hospital at the moment :( (one of whom I was sposed  to be seeing on Sunday).

Anyway, the week ... right. Erm. I don't think anything really happened on Monday. I forget. Tuesday I went to SCM although I was fluctuating with that decision up till the last minute. As I said, hibernation.

Gypsy was awol before I left so I left The Trucker with strict instructions that he better make sure she is home before more or I'll be kicking him out of bed to find her ... got home to find him in a mild panic, she was still gone. He'd been around the complex and looked outside on the road-side twice but no sign of her. I went outside, calling her and thought let me check on the bunnies while I'm outside. And guess where I found her! Locked inside the bunny hutch. Silly girl has been going in again to explore but because it was already dark when I locked them in (around 6pm, I'd guess?), she'd been locked in too, for about 3 hours. Shame. Poor girly (bunnies are fine too). But hopefully she's learnt her lesson about their house now!

On Wednesday I had a great start to the day, I went to a work Kitchen Tea. Wow, what a fabulous way to start the day :) Had a great morning. Nice to socialise with some people outside my usual circle.

And I went to gym with the SCM Girl's Gym Group after work (!). I have been hurting ever since. Yoh. We tried a 24 class ... which I heard was 24 exercises in 24 minutes. I thought that meant 24 *different* exercises. Even so, when we arrived and the guy was "Well I assume you've all warmed up already" I knew I was in trouble. And then it is the most awful repetition of exercises ever. Hated it. I must say, I especially hate when you aren't given room to make sure you're doing an exercise correctly, this was all timed by a tape recording o_0 Nope. And now I hurt. Stairs, do you know how many stairs there are at the office!!

What else? This week has been full of pup-hunting. No luck as yet. But my fingers are still crossed. And trying to plan a trip to Kruger with my folks ...

And I discovered a VERY COOL new app for my phone called Touch Note. Basically it is awesome for anyone with relatives who are not computer-savvy. It'll take a photo from your phone and turn it into a real life post card to be snail mailed to them. Awesome. I plan on regularly surprising my grandmother with post :) Did I mention our next trip to Cape Town is already booked, in August, for her Ninetieth (!).

What else ... I found another IndieGogo campaign called Solar Roadways to contribute to Mars One was my first, but that was mostly just to "buy" the TShirt. This one has rubbish "rewards" but is such an awesome concept! Seriously, too freaking cool.

Oh yes. And yesterday (Thursday) it was officially 10 years since I arrived in Joburg, to live. Yoh. That's a long-ass time. 3 serious boyfriends and 7 houses later. But life is what it is and it just sort of happens while you're busy doing other things ;) I'd never have believed you if you'd told me back when I was moving up back in 2004 that I'd still be here now, that is for sure!

I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion, but I didn't get around to organising anything and at some point it didn't seem like such a big deal anymore ...

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Louisa said...

Happy anniversary! :-)

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