Monday, May 26, 2014

The Excitement Brews ...

Shew, so in case you thought a weekend with not a single thing planned would be quiet ... let me tell you otherwise ;)

First things first: PUPPY!
So it's been a very emotional ride this one. Every time we see and advert on Gumtree or Junk Mail, we call and they're already all gone. We looked at a few breeders, but they seem to sell out as soon as the pups are born, booked and paid for long before they are old enough to leave their moms. Before we went away last weekend, we'd spotted a promising one. We called. Yes, she was still available, but the lady was away all weekend so we couldn't go and see her or the parents (and it was in Brits, so would've been perfect on our weekend away!). We'd call again on Monday. By Monday, she told The Trucker the pup was sold. Sad faces. We kept looking.

On Friday we heard that she did in fact have the same puppy in question available. Apparently she likes to keep a spare in case anything happens. So she promised us this spare little girl and we could collect her as soon as the other pups had been collected with no issues. Awesome. Getting excited now! (Notice: that is Gypsy's "completely unaware of the impending arrival" face ... playing with her new toy, which she loves)

On Saturday the silly woman emails The Trucker to say sorry, she only has males left. Urgh. After all that. But then, turns out, he'd been keeping in touch with someone else in PE. Which we'd originally scrapped the idea of since he wanted to meet the parents and didn't want the puppy flown to us. But he has seen loads of photos of her dogs now and reckons they're what he's looking for and she has a little girl. Who will be arriving on a jet plane on FRIDAY! Melt. It's a little more than we were expecting to spend, but she is already chipped and inoculated etc.

I can't wait. She is booked (yes that's her over there), we'll pay today. She will be ours <3 We can get excited now!

Aside from that, I stayed later at work on Friday. I was giving a presentation and then stuck around for some good old Cards Against Humanity. Love that game. Hysterical.

On Saturday we had a lazy morning. Breakfast at Doppio where we bumped into some friends. Then we decided on a house admin day. The Trucker took the last of the building rubbish to the dump (finally!). It has really been bothering me because the bunnies play in it ... luckily they loved all the nooks and crannies. They're pretty unimpressed right now ;)

I headed to Lifestyle and got some potting soil and a plant for my hanging planter (did I mention I found one in Plett?) in the bathroom (it still needs to be hung, but we're one step closer!). Photos when it's up.

What else? Oh yes, he fixed some of the skirting and sanded one of the doors so it'll close properly. I had his niece and a friend over to watch Vampire Academy. I'd lent her my book when I finished with it, so it seemed appropriate.

And then, being tween girls, they wanted to follow that up with some Frozen (which I had yet to watch).

Naturally, I preferred the Vampire Academy book. I didn't find it especially well cast (except Rose). And they fiddle a little (not too much) with the storyline and when certain sub-plots come out. But other than that they basically stuck to the book. Quite sure I won't bother with the sequels (of the book or the movies).

Frozen was a giant yawn for me. Not a big fan of animation in general. But the girls had both seen it before so I had them explain things before they happened and singing along. It was quite entertaining.

I think The Trucker was relieved. It left him to do some more admin (and he took more of our "donation" bags which had been sitting in the lounge for weeks!).

When they left, we decided to try the new burger joint at The Buzz, GBC. So, turns out this is following the Rocomamas model. Order on a piece of paper and tick all the ingredients you want included. Personally, I think this is quite sneaky. No idea (without some math on your part) how much your order adds up to until your bill arrives. I reckon that people order & spend a lot more than they ordinarily would, this way.

Now we adore Rocomamas. I like the vibe there and their burgers are delish. GBC has less of a vibe and more of a sterile feeling to it. Reminds me a bit of a Chinese restaurant, with it's minimal decor, actually. Take-out seems to be the order of the day.

But what about the food? So some people's biggest complaint about Rocomamas is their lack of alternatives to Beef (I think they offer a Veggie burger, but definitely not a Chicken one). GBC offers Chicken and Lamb options as well as the Beef and Veggie. The biggest selling point, for me, was that GBC offers a variety of sides, like sweet potato fries and chilli cheese fries (we tried one of each, both totally worth it!) ... which is exactly what I thought Rocomamas was missing when I first went there.

The burgers themselves are tasty, but much harder to eat than the Rocomama's ones. Rocomama's come nicely presented and "well-contained". The GBC burgers are in a basket, tricky to reach into and grab. They are bigger and I think contain more of the toppings, and there was a lot of spillage. I can not imagine what it'd have been like had I added a sauce onto mine.

Still. Hit the spot. And I'd probably go back if I were in the area ... or craving sweet potato fries ;) (Gourmet Garage still wins with their chilli cheese fries tho!)

On Sunday we had breakfast at home and then The Trucker went to play cricket while I did the grocery shopping. And when he got home we headed off to our first Ice Cream Sunday. I heard about it in March (I think?) but thought it was a once-off. But last week I found out it happens on the last Sunday of every month. Definitely worth a visit!

We thought it was a bit of a weird set-up when we first arrived. But it's actually quite cool. Outside under the trees. Unfortunately just not enough chairs to sit at (but that might be because of the time we went). It also took us a while to figure out that you order on a little slip you get at the till (or on a table if you can find some space to sit at one, I think). We tried the Apple Pie Sundae (Cinnamon ice cream, Caramelised apples & crumble) and the Icing Sugar Dusted Donut Sandwich (filled with Cinnamon ice cream and salted caramel sauce).

Yummy! I wouldn't bother with ordering drinks if you're not planning on staying very long. Our ice cream and donut were long gone by the time The Trucker's cappuccino arrived. And it was totally unnecessary. I've gotta say, that Donut Sandwich was amazeballs. I was a little sad I had to share it ;)

What a fun way to spend an afternoon. I would highly recommend it.

After that we had a very relaxed rest of our Sunday.

Oh, did I mention? Puppy on Friday !!!! :D

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