Tuesday, May 06, 2014

More Birthday

Mkay so it's not really a Friday, but it is sort of a mini Friday since tomorrow is another public holiday. Well, it's Election Day. Yip, of course I'll be voting. Everyone should. I've never missed one since I turned 18. Although I think I've had to move districts every time - haha.

Anyhoo. This week SCM was moved back to Monday so I went last night ... it was also my belated Birthday SCM since I'd been away. Great fun and food was had :)

Other than that, things have been quiet. Although The Trucker & I did go to gym last night. We realised on holiday that we need to make a serious effort to shift some weight. And the holiday did nothing but add to that problem - haha ;)

Oh, and in other exciting news, my collection slip for the Next Giant Leap TShirt I got from The Mars One Project arrived while I was away :D So I went to collect it yesterday. Yes, I'm wearing it today! Hope it warms up so I can take off this jersey and show it off a bit - haha ;)

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