Monday, May 05, 2014

Back again

Hey all! I'm back from another lovely holiday.

Not much to say this morning ...we got back on Saturday and haven't done much. Other than, you know, the usual life admin sorta stuff.

I think we've done 4 or 5 loads of washing. I did grocery shopping while The Trucker played cricket. And I bought a rake and raked the leaves in the garden. Seriously, you could barely see the lawn before!

And we cuddled with the Gypsy Cat. She didn't leave our sides on Saturday. Then gave me a scare last night. She went out around 18h30 / 19h00 ... and wasn't back by 10pm. This is super unlike her. I figured maybe she was just in a new routine from us being away or it was some sort of payback. But I was worried!

At 11pm I woke up and she still wasn't back. I went out into the garden to call her (again). The handy thing about having such a noisy cat. When we miaow at her, she usually miaows back so she is easy to call.

And I heard her, twice. She sounded far away, like on the other side of the road! I panicked. I woke up The Trucker and pulled on some clothes and headed outside the complex. I found her under a bush next to our outside wall and picked her up and took her inside. Well she walked most of the way, she wasn't very impressed with me carrying her :/

And luckily then things could get back to normal ... but it wasn't a good night's sleep, that's for sure.

I can't remember what else we did. It wasn't a lot ;)

Holiday posts will follow ... so far all I've managed to do is go thru all the photos and narrow it down to my 127 favourites o_0

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