Tuesday, June 10, 2014

24 April: Plettenberg Bay to Nature's Valley

We got up at a fairly leisurely hour and had a quick breakfast at home before we headed to Robbery Beach for a walk on the sand. It's gorgeous and surprisingly quiet. Super please to see some blue sky after yesterday's grey clouds!

After our walk, we headed to a little farmstall stop we'd passed before Plett called, The Heath, because The Trucker insisted that the Cheeseman was not to be missed!

We browsed thru all the little stores and decided to get some coffee / hot chocolate. And this is round about when I lost my sense of humour. The Trucker's colleagues haven't actually gone a day without calling him / needing something from him. And I kind of understand that when you sit in an office it's a lot more obvious that you're on holiday than when you run all sorts of businesses and have most of your dealings with people via telephone. But still.

I sat at the table all alone for probably half an hour ... I do try to understand that when he's not there he's not making money and if it take a phone call to keep things ticking, then it must be done. Things can't simple grind to a halt because we are on holiday. But it is really freaking difficult to do. Not least because a holiday should be a time when he can also get away from the stresses of day-to-day life and really, it just was not happening!

Note to self: It only qualifies as a holiday if The Trucker has no cell-signal. Haha. But I cheered up pretty quickly since I decided that once he was off the phone, we should head back into Plett and browse all the little shops there.

And, he wasn't off his phone long, but at least I had plenty to keep me occupied (which I don't mind ... but I hate feeling like, if only I'd know, I'd have brought my book along!). And I bought myself an awesome new skirt :)

Later we headed thru to The Lookout Deck for lunch where we were meeting some friends, who were holiday-ing in their family cottage in Nature's Valley nearby. What a great lunch, bring on those Strawberry Daquiri's! And I had a Pint 'o Prawns for lunch :) Superb.

When we eventually headed back home, we had a relaxing afternoon, lazing and reading. And then after a little back-and-forth we packed up our stuff and decided that instead of spending our second night in Plett as planned, we'd spend the night with our friends in Nature's Valley, which I never even knew existed before.

It is a gorgeous drive and I highly recommend you drive it before the sun sets!


MeeA said...

I dream of the day when David and I get to go on holiday again, just the two of us.
It's lovely to have the kids and I love seeing them enjoy the places we visit but, gosh, it would be GREAT to be able to read a book, spontaneously go out for cocktails or just go for a long drive and browse around little shops!

Louisa said...

Looks like you need to.plan your next trip around lack of cell signal? ;-)

Nature's valley is stunning! They have zip line tours there that are just amazing.

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