Monday, June 09, 2014


OMG I am too too cold this morning. My new spot in the office feels like the set of Frozen o_0

The Trucker has already messaged me about how awful he felt leaving little Miss Pepper outside when he left this morning. Luckily Gypsy gets to stay inside where it is warm ... poor girlie.

I am certainly missing working from home, where my alarm goes off a whole hour later! And home has a heater and all the clothes I could possibly need. #sigh Oh well.

On Friday we had a chilly night in. So The Trucker went off to get us some Indian take-out (yum, Chicken Mahknie) while I heated up some Woolies Gluhwein on the stove (handy that I had a bottle left from last year, but dammit I completely forgot to buy more yesterday!). It was superb. And we finished watching Vikings S02.

On Saturday we both headed out, me to a Blog Girls brunch at Papachinos with @Arkwife, @louisabouwer, @RebbecaHumphry and @RubyLetters. Another amazing morning swapping news and stories and just hanging out :)

And when I got home, wow. The Trucker had gotten new compost for the garden, had mowed the lawn AND had cleaned the bunny hutch. No one has ever cleaned the bunny hutch for me before. In fact this was actually the second "it must be love" thing I noticed he did in the last few days. On Thursday night, when he cooked dinner, he made as much polenta as he did last time because although it was far too much for the two of us to finish, I told him how much the birds had loved it ... and he hates the birds. But I love feeding them and having them in the garden. So he did it anyway. I am hoping to lure some loeries in ... I know they like pap.

Yeah, I'm feeling particularly spoilt. But then, he did sleep most of the afternoon :/ Oh, oh, but we did take Pepper out for her first walkies. He'd bought her a little (medium, at it's smallest setting ... and it still hangs loose, but it'll eventually fit :) ) harness and a zip lead. So although we can't take her around other dogs till her second vaccination (coming up on Friday), we just took her to get her used to the idea of it at a little field up the road. She loved it. She is too adorable!

We didn't do much else on Saturday, but we did go for an early sushi dinner at Yamada in Rivonia. So delish. And much better turn-around times than Yamazaki on a weekend. Plus it meant we could pop up to Saigon for a Vietnamese Coffee afterwards :)

Then on Sunday morning, we had a delish breakfast at home before The Trucker headed to cricket and I went to do the grocery shopping. And then I took Pepper Pup and we went to watch him play and let her have a run around. Lots of people there to play with her and tire her out and get her used to other people and kids. She had a ball :)

And, honestly, that was pretty much it. The bunnies are only getting to run when Pepper is in the house, so no improvement there. Her and Gypsy have their moments. But both are enjoying the heater, although Pepper likes to bark at it! I can't believe she has already discovered her voice.

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Louisa said...

It was great seeing everyone again on Saturday...thanks for organising.

I nuke a bean bag for Polka in the mornings. I wrap it in a towel and stick it in her dog house - she loves it! That keeps her cozy enough till the sun comes up properly.

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