Friday, June 06, 2014

More Pup

So, it's been a bit of a week here. I know I've been pretty quiet online, but that's because real life has been pretty busy.

I've been working from home all week (except yesterday), to let Pepper adjust to her new home. She's doing great :) She was falling asleep wherever but since Wednesday she's been actually going to her bed to snooze. Although it hasn't been easy, it turns out our complex had scheduled painters to come and start preparing the walls for some new paint. You won't actually believe how long this takes ... they've been here every day since Monday. But they've got a ton of guys working on it working their way around the complex. Apparently next week we pick colours ...

So, as you can imagine, it's been a lucky thing I've been home as we've had to have the whole garden and garage unlocked and had people traipsing in and out of here ... so it's been a rough week for potty training, since Pepper has been stuck inside a lot of the week.

Plus, they sprayed poison (which luckily I spotted since NO ONE bothered to mention it!) on Monday afternoon and after phoning the Paintcor guys (who were very helpful) kept both Gypsy and Pepper inside for almost 24hrs ... don't want Gypsy walking along the top of a wall getting it on her paws and then licking them o_0). Gypsy, who refuses to use a litter box anymore, was supremely unimpressed by morning and raced out the minute she saw a gap. But we washed her paws off when she came back inside.

Anyway, hopefully they'll finish on our unit today ... there's only a little more plastering to go. And, in exciting news, next week we're applying for approval to enclose our verandah and put a roof up (we're aiming for a similar outside area to my old place). I'm super excited :)

What else. Oh yes, some Blog Drama (which I'll tell you about another time ... letting it cool off a bit). But honestly, I was completely livid.

And Gypsy and Pepper are becoming more used to each other, nothing like friends yet (awe) but it hasn't quite been a week yet ... The Bunnies are a whole nother story. Pepper loves to chase them, which obviously completely freaks them out. And even tho I've been home, they have hardly been allowed out of the hutch this week because of all the workmen and the materials etc. And Pepper hoping to investigate what they are with her mouth o_0 Hopefully once she starts going for training we'll be able to reign her in around them and they'll settle into a similar avoidance as they have with Gypsy. #sigh I thought it would be easier cause she's so little. But, really, she just wants to play with and chew everything. Haha.

She is completely adorable.

What else? Oh yes, I channeled my inner Domestic Goddess again on Monday night and made @Jane_Ann62's Quick Low-Carb Gammon Steak with Tender-Stem Broccoli, Garlic & Cream. It was all kinds of delish! Yes, we'll make it again!

What else? I think that is pretty much it.

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