Wednesday, July 16, 2014

29 April: Sedgefield to Cape Agulhas

Today we said goodbye to Teniqua Treetops and took a rainy drive back along the N2. Seriously it seems to rain every time!

We stopped again in Riversdale, this time for lunch so we decided to try find a place The Trucker had been told about by friends in Joburg, Die Ou Tronk.

You have to turn off to get to it but it's quite a nice little stop. The tables were outside under branches heavy with avocados. It's an interesting little piece of history and while all the nick-nacks and what not that filled the rooms didn't interest me, the building itself did.

I can't remember what we had for lunch, but it was nothing spectacular but we did taste a slice of the melktert they had on sale and The Trucker then bought us a whole one. It was good :)

The rest of the drive to Cape Agulhas, our next overnight stop, was fairly boring. Grey rain clouds all the way ... but eventually we could see the sea!

Can you believe I'd never been to Cape Agulhas before? Me neither. I don't quite know what I was expecting, but it doesn't look very impressive on arrival. That said, it honestly is the place I will without doubt be going back to from everywhere we went on this trip.

If I thought I was impressed by the SANPark's accommodation at Addo, well this was EVEN BETTER. They were still in the process of building the 15 chalets that will be there. There were only 7. And they really do feel like they are on the tip of the world. You look out from each one onto a stretch of fynbos before the sea.

The units themselves are gorgeous little wooden chalets with a completely stocked (utensil-wise, not food-wise, obvs) kitchen, a small 4-seater table, a lounge area and a bedroom with a nicely sized bathroom (shower only). There is an indoor fireplace. And then there is the deck, looking seaward.

When we arrived, we decided to go and check out the 2 ocean marker and visit the Meisho Maru wreck for sunset (we'd been advised in advance). It was fabulous. We strolled along the wooden walkways for quite a while, enjoying breathing in the sea air. We got our touristy photos.

And then we got the most stunning photos of the wreck as the sun was setting before heading back to braai on the deck. It was a superb stay and I will advise everyone living in Cape Town that this is the perfect weekend break-away. I can't wait to go back!

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