Thursday, May 29, 2014

23 April: Greater Hermanus to Plettenberg Bay

Today we woke up, got ready and took a stroll around in the fynbos at Farm 215 before heading up to the main house for breakfast. I am pretty bummed we didn't properly get to appreciate their gorgeous pool setting.

Breakfast was delish. But, honestly, as spectacular (and, it really is) as this place is, I doubt The Trucker and I will be back ... for the price we paid per person for just one night, there were other places we visited on this trip that I'd rather go back to (some where the price for a night for us both equaled only one person here!). Sad but true. I still think, if you're looking for somewhere gorgeous and romantic and private, it's definitely worth a visit tho. Also, keep an eye out for specials. They were running one in April & May but unfortunately I missed out because I'd already booked so far in advance. Obviously, it's easier if you live closer and fewer things have to hinge on a weekend away ;)

Then we had a lengthy drive ahead of us to Plettenberg Bay! But Farm 215 recommended a great little mountain short-cut, to skip heading all the way back thru Gansbaai.

It was a very rainy driving day. It reminded us of how it had rained back when we were driving on the N2 in December as well! Haha.

We stopped in Riversdale for supplies (petrol and snacks) and then continued on our way. I forget now what time we arrived in Plett, but it was overcast there too. So we did some grocery shopping, made a late lunch and then bundled up with our books under a blanket until dinner time.

Remember The Trucker's ex-girlfriend's dad who's farm we stayed at on the way in & out of Botswana ... ? Well, we're staying in his house here again. But it comes with a perfect opportunity to get our laundry washed and ironed! And it's free, so who can complain.

I'd booked dinner at Emily Moon, which had been recommended by a colleague who comes to Plett fairly regularly. Wow, I would love to see this place in the day time ... and spend a night here! It looks amazing. Although we had a pretty quick (but delish!) dinner, having had lunch fairly late (we had starters but not dessert) and a whole day of driving. We were pretty tired.

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