Friday, July 11, 2014


It's been a strange week. I feel completely swamped at work. I am not one for extremes, I don't like too little to do but I also don't enjoy too much. Yeah yeah, Goldilocks, I like it Just Right. This week it has not been just right. That's what happens when other people commit to things but you're the one who comes in and has to actually deliver ... Unfortunately I don't see this changing for the next month or so. Full steam ahead.

So outside of work, life has been quiet. Tuesday night's SCM was cancelled. The Trucker's Thursday evening Body Corporate meeting was cancelled. So in this icy weather, we just stayed in. Well, except for last night, we decided to go out to get dinner. But we could not decide. No one wants to drive too far and neither of us had any specific cravings. And where we live, there is a black hole of actual decent sit-down restaurants ... we are spoilt for choice when it comes to your standard take-out joints (McDonalds, Steers, KFC, Nandos ...) and lots of pizza and indian options too. Basically, we are surrounded by chain restaurants o_0

So we decided to go to Mozambik again. We had the same starters we had last time (Creamy Sweet & Sour Chorizo and Prawn Bilene) and that was it. Neither of us had space for anything more because they are so rich!

Thursday is a tricky night to try eating out without a booking too ...

Anyway. Aside from that, I've been to gym twice and taken the Pepper Pup walking daily. We are going the variety route now and haven't done the same walk more than once this week :)

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