Thursday, July 10, 2014

28 April: Port Alfred to Sedgefield

As you can imagine, we left Port Alfred early. We didn't even stay for breakfast, instead grabbing some Wimpy as we left town ... we had quite a drive ahead of us, all the way past Knysna to Teniqua Treetops for our next overnight stop.

It wasn't a very eventful drive, and I can't remember where we ended up having lunch ... I think maybe we just had the pies we'd bought at Nanaga yesterday, but we did stop in Knysna, having made good time. So we took a drive up to look out from the Knysna Heads and then another detour to look at the Brenton-on-Sea beach ... but we weren't brave enough for all those stairs - haha!

We stocked up on some booze and supplies for dinner and then headed to Teniqua Treetops. Wow, the place is hidden away! We were in the Loerie's Nest and it is gorgeous!

Oh, and how funny is this? They have a lending library type thing in their office and I finally found the Christian Jacq book I have been looking for, for years! The exact publishers copy to match the rest of mine. So, our stay started on an extreme high for me :)

Taking a wander thru our treehouse was like being in a fairytale. If you have the opportunity, I'd highly recommend this spot!

Since we had arrived early enough and had pretty much got a minimal amount of exercise in the last few days (except for that walk on the beach), we decided to try one of the hikes. I think we did the Fynbos walk which was great fun.

We got back to our treehouse in time to enjoy the sunset and I had a bath enjoying the view! And The Trucker made us an amazeballs dinner (I forget what, but I think pasta). It was superb.

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