Friday, July 25, 2014

Having the Best Day

Sorry today's post is late, I was busy booking flights to Istanbul (!!) Squeal. Yes folks. This is happening for really reals.

But before I get to that, back to the past week. /Tries to remember/ ...

Oh yes. I had to be in a workshop for work on Monday & Tuesday so got home later than usual (after a much longer drive thru traffic than usual!). Pretty exhausted. So we didn't do anything in the evenings.

But I did still manage to squeeze in a walk for Pepper, every day this week :) Mom flew up from Cape Town for the weekend yesterday. Awe, she got to see our new house and meet the Pepsicle :D And she brought me my new pair of alpaca wool gloves, knitted by The Peeb.

Oh yes, and Pepper went for a wash and came back with a trim! She is looking like a proper little Schnauzer now. It's not a full Schnauzer-cut, but more like a winter cut. So she's lost the rough long curls (and no longer looks like a teddy bear) and you can finally see her face! Would've taken a pic, but haven't had a chance for a good one yet. She looks sooo cute and is so soft now :)

We took Mom out to Parkhurst's Christmas in July last night. It was alright. We bought some gluhwein and strolled the street. The Trucker was right, it would've been much nicer if they had actually closed the road for the evening. And unfortunately the shops didn't really have anything that interested us enough to buy.

And I'd tried to book a table for dinner at Craft, but they weren't taking bookings (I hate that in a restaurant). So we thought we'd try Coobs. But we didn't have a booking :/ Can't win. So we left and headed to Tei Avon for shwarmas. Yum :)

So yeah, today could not be better: 1. It's pay day 2. We booked our flights this morning and 3. Mom is here for the weekend. Work is also going well, although busy, I'm enjoying it. And we are about to book our tour in Turkey. The smile on my face is huge.

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