Monday, July 28, 2014

A Weekend with Mom

Shew. This weekend flew by. It was a decent mix of busy and relaxed ... but I definitely could've done with a lie in this morning.

On Friday I raced home after work to see Mom. We hung out and took Pepper for a walk. Gypsy loved having her here too and spent the weekend sleeping in the spare room with Mom instead of us - haha. At least she had a substitute for Finny & Jax (her cats), that she'd left at home (obvs).

On Friday evening we decided to stay in so The Trucker made us the Gammon with Broccoli and we watched The Other Woman.

Meh, the movie was nothing special. Pretty predictable. I have been banned from picking the movies since Noah and now this - haha. Also, can you believe Cameron Diaz is over 40. It's so bizarre. While she doesn't look like she should be in an older "mom" role (not that she was in this), I'm also not so sure she is aging very well. Anyhoo. Still, don't bother watching this one.

On Saturday morning The Trucker took Pepper to Puppy Training while I stayed home and had a lazy morning with Mom. When he got home we headed out. We tried the Bosheuval Market. I think it is their first one. Perhaps it'll get better and fill out ... it was pretty dull. We took a wander around their beautiful gardens and left.

We decided that since we were out that way, we'd try The Culinary Table for lunch. Shewee. The Trucker & I shared their Butternut & Feta Open Lasagne (BEST!) and a 3-Cheese Toasted Cheese. And Mom had a starter portion of their Laksa Mussels (which I got to taste). Very good. And it looks like they change their menu monthly.

After that we headed home for a relaxing afternoon and a nap. I took Pepper for a quick walk around the complex as well.

For dinner we headed to Cafe Mexicho, which we haven't been to in ages! Shewee but the Chili Poppers were hotter than I remembered! And they have a new flavoured Frozen Margarita (Pina Colada), which I tried and was quite nice mixed with the strawberry :) We shared their nachos with chicken and quesadilla's for mains. Good thing too! We've definitely learnt we can not finish the food there :)

We rolled home! Haha. And then decided to try another movie before bed. This time we tried Transcendence. It wasn't bad (hello, Johnny Depp) but, I still managed to fall asleep somewhere towards the end.

On Sunday The Trucker was up early again for an early cricket game and Mom and I had another lazyish morning reading in bed. But we were up and walking Pepper around the complex before 10am and then I took her to the Fourways Farmers Market :) Damn, that place has exploded since I was last there (okay so it was more than a year ago)!

The parking was insane! And there were masses of people bustling around. We wandered the stalls tasting and trying things along the way before attempting to get Mom some coffee ... which we very quickly gave up on and decided that Bubbly was the better way to go. The queue had barely moved in the coffee queue by the time we got back and were sipping while sitting on a hay bale.

We decided to share a Balkan Burger and follow it up with a Nutella and Custard Pancake (also to share, wow it was so rich, I could never have had my own one!). And then we decided to head home with our bags of goodies (I got some aubergine pesto and halloumi and a Brownie from The Counter for The Trucker).

And then we didn't do much for the rest of the afternoon till we had to take mom back to the airport :( We took Pepper along and took her to Golden Harvest afterwards for a walk (she met geese for the first time. And barked her head off at some horses being ridden by policemen in a road block en route to the airport! Haha).

And then we had an early dinner at The Mariner with @Sascha_with_a_C. Half price sushi? Yes, please.

Now do you see why I needed a lie-in? Haha.

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