Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Type Stuffs

Ah this weekend just flew past! Did you watch the Soccer final? I didn't. It only started at 9pm. The Trucker got home (he went to watch at a friend's house) at midnight (apparently, I was sleeping). If it had've started around 6, I definitely would've tho. I was totally supporting Germany but I don't care that much.

Work is no less crazy so I've been working from home since Friday after lunch. Less distractions ... although the puppy may beg to differ. Haha. Took her for some more shots and a rabies injection. Such a good girlie at the vet :) But shewee she has grown. Weighed in at 4.2kgs (!) That's a long way off the 1.9 she weighed when she arrived. If I had any doubt about how much she's grown, well there's the proof.

We went for a little walk when I finished working and then The Trucker got home and made yummy Mac 'n Cheese for dinner. We were both feeling very lazy. Also, he had to make some whipped bacon sweet potatoes for our lunch on Saturday.

On Saturday morning we were up early. Puppy training was moved to 9am. I was a bit nervous since we missed last week. But it was great :) So awesome to see how much Pepper enjoys seeing all her friends again. And yes, they have specific friends in the class ... her favourite are a Doberman and a Rotti. Haha. She just loves the bigger dogs.

And she is so good. Such a confident, independent little girl. Except she doesn't much seem to like going thru tunnels. That had both of us down on our knees trying to coax her thru. Haha.

After that we didn't have long to get ready before we had to head off to DJMike and Power's new house for Thanksgiving in July. They bought a small holding and renovated the house and now have 2 horses, a cow, 5 dogs, a cat and in seven short weeks, a daughter. Quite the farmyard.

It was great catching up with everyone and a gorgeous Joburg Winter afternoon. And as usual, we ate and we ate well.

We got home in time to take Pepper for a little walk around the complex (I've got a whole lot of options now so we can vary it up for her, seems to be working much better) and give her dinner. And then we collapsed on the couch. Didn't even need any dinner!

We watched The Croods. Meh, animation. But just what we needed in our post-lunch coma ;)

On Sunday we went and had some breakfast and then did the grocery shopping before The Trucker headed to cricket. I went and did some browsing for other things I don't really need ... and then came home and made Brookies (Brownie + Chocolate Chip Cookies). I'd seen the recipe last week and it seemed worth trying!

They didn't come out that great :( The two batters are easy enough to make, although I reckon the choc-chip batter probably also needs some time to sit in the fridge because it was unmanageably sticky to try rolling into balls!

Also, I would make them much smaller next time. And keep half the batter for a second batch ... we tried to fit them all onto my two baking trays. Hahahaha, we ended up with one giant square cookie in the end. And they didn't all cook thru, so I turned them over and cooked them a bit more.

So mostly I have a lot of crumble ... haha. I reckon I might just make them separate another time too, they are yummy!

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Louisa said...

Haha, your one giant cookie looks delicious!

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