Friday, August 29, 2014


Shew. What a week ... if I thought the weekend was bad, well this week certainly upped the game :(

On the plus side tho, I'm feeling better. Went to the Doc on Monday afternoon and got some meds. On Tuesday and Wednesday I got to spend my work day in a Lego Serious Play workshop which was pretty freaking cool.

And then on Tuesday I headed out with some colleagues for another girl's Pizza & Wine night.

But then on Wednesday, things turned a corner. Someone at the office got diagnosed with German Measles (not great for me with the whole Project Get Pregnant thing). I'm not too worried since I did get re-vaccinated last year. But I still popped in to get an anti-body blood test done on my way home from work (the whole pesky contagious for 7-10days before you even realise you have it thing, makes me nervous about everyone else around me at work :/ )

The Trucker was also back at Olivedale ... he'd apparently been there since 14h30. Waiting to get a sonogram (or something?) done on his ankle. I was going to take him home, but he had to stay so I went home and walked Pepper ... and waited.

Eventually he said I could come fetch him at about 18h30, after he'd seen the Ortho. So, um. He's in a moon boot now. He's torn 2 of the 3 tendons on the outside of his ankle and another on the inside. His foot looks dreadfully bruised and is very swollen. And he can't fly for 6-8weeks.

Yes, that's right, we were supposed to be jet-setting to Turkey in 2 weeks. Urgh. So, I don't know yet what we're going to do. We have 2 possible dates we could bite the bullet, pay the change fee and move our trip to. BUT (and it's a big but), one of the dates is in 7 weeks ... so it's hard to commit and say right now if he'll be okay and ready to go then. And the other in at the end of November. But the weather will not be nearly as good as now and they don't offer the Blue Cruise part of our trip in winter.

So yeah. At this point, honestly, I think we might just cancel the whole thing and try and get as much cash back as possible ... health is a tricky thing to take a chance on. He's asked me if there's anyone else who can take his place, but honestly, I really wanted to go with him.

We do have Kruger in November with my folks to look forward to still ... anyway, to say it's been a little grumpy in our house since Wednesday would be an understatement. Not annoyed / angry at him, but obviously we both are with the situation.

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MeeA said...

Ah, that sucks! I hope you guys get to work it out so can go to Turkey!
Maybe have him go and see the doc at around 5 weeks and let him gauge whether he should be able to travel at 7?
I was listening to a bunch of younger chicks talk about travel a little while ago, and they were talking about hostels and backpackers accommodation. I realised then that I'm so far beyond that now. I'm all about the hotels and guest houses, thank you very much. Or, at the very least, a fully equipped self catering option...
But then, my budget is nowhere near accommodating my tastes and I do love to travel. Eish!
I hope it works out for you!

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