Friday, August 01, 2014

Sorry for the Downer

Shewee what a week. I know I don't usually mention it but the world does seem to be off it's axis lately. There is so much going on (not in a good way), all over, every day. Usually I can hide from it and not let it affect my little bubble (which some may say is not the best approach, but I am not a protesting change-the-world type). All these airplane incidents lately. It's kind of unsettling (especially as one is about to fly ...).

And then there is the Israel-Gaza stuff. I don't know much about this, and am trying to avoid it because it seems there are so many conflicting views. I just really don't understand why people fight and kill each other in general. So I'll just hang my head there.

And I think because of all these things going on in the world, we become more aware of other saddening news items, like people dying in sinking boats and whatnot. It feels like it is definitely time to avoid any news for the sake of ones own personal well-being. People are cruel and mean and nasty.

And then yesterday, someone killed a giraffe :( I say killed because it doesn't seem like that was accidental to me. It's a freaking giraffe. Being transported on the highway. With bridges. Which make me sick.

It makes me want to curl up at home with my special people and animals and bunker down and hide from so-called humanity :/ I know there are probably also some good news stories out there ... but they are currently being vastly overshadowed.

Sorry, that's pretty heavy for a Friday. But it is the sad state of our world and it is tangible everywhere you go and everyone you speak to lately. Everyone seems to be feeling the slump of all of these stories and more.

Anyway, back to my frivolous life now ...

Erm, where to begin. I barely remember Monday evening. On Tuesday I went to the SCM Xmas in July. Which was pretty freaking awesome! There were 15 of us and the feast was enormous.

We started with home-made butternut soup (garnished with pumpkin seeds) to go with home-made bacon&cheese rolls. So tasty! Then we moved onto mains which included a KFC Bucket (a long standing joke in the group), slow roasted lamb with mint sauce, 2 rotisserie pork with different marinades, cheesy veggies and roast potatoes. And I made my Mandarin Broccoli Salad which was a hit!

And then dessert too! Custard Milk Tart. Shewee. Even when you try to just take a tiny taste of every dish, you end up stuffed.

Wednesday was a quiet night in. Our Patio renovations began this week so the garden has been in a state. Tricky to let the bunnies run around at the moment ... And Pepper & Gypsy also had to be kept inside for 24hrs while the cement set. Although that doesn't seem to have stopped another cat running thru it and leaving paw prints :/

Today the wall between the garage & garden should go up and then this weekend we'll pick the tiles. We're currently thinking those "Wood-like" ones. Not sure when the roof will get added, what with the whole Steel Strike that's been going on and The Trucker being busy with his own house still (the slab for the double storey should be starting today. Wowee. And he's got 2 buyers interested in buying the shell. We decided it made more sense to sell it that way for a lower price than finish the house and then the new owner may end up doing what we did when we bought our house to get all the finishes etc they want. It just doesn't make sense. So fingers crossed that all goes smoothly :)

Last night we went for dinner at a friend's house. It was an awesome evening :) And this weekend, I'm hoping for a quiet one. We're away the next 2 weekends (Oppi & my gran's 90th in Cape Town - woooo!).

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Louisa said...

There is definitely something to that no news is good news thing...

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