Monday, August 04, 2014

Definitely Monday

Yay! The first of 2 four-day weeks in a row kicks off today. Damn, I'm gonna need it. However I don't think they're going to be very relaxing since the weekends are jam-packed.

But first last weekend. So on Friday I stayed late at work for drinks and The Trucker & I had a lazy evening at home. He had pizza and I had a Nando's Chicken Salad. Been feeling revoltingly fat lately :( (The Nando's Chicken Salad is a Dietician approved take-out meal) And we watched Divergent.

I haven't read the books yet. But now I am super keen! I really enjoyed the movie. Even tho it feels very Hunger Games. Perfect for an evening at home.

On Saturday we headed to Puppy Training ... Awe, all the pups did so well on their obstacle courses. I really didn't think Pepper was gonna manage it but she was a star :) #proudmamma And now I'm pretty bummed we're missing her graduation class on the coming weekend (we'll be at Oppi). I won't lie, it was a tricky start to this whole puppy-training business for me ... a bit overwhelming. But now, having completed the 10 weeks, I would definitely recommend these classes. I think, in retrospect, it's like raising kids. If you're super strict upfront, you can ease off later. But, if you're too easy-going upfront, it takes so much more strictness later on to get to where you wanna be.

I am very excited for Peps to start her Basic Obedience training now too! But I suspect we may have to repeat that course (not sure how long it is) since we're missing the next 2 weekends and then 2 weekends in September (Turkey!) ... but we'll see how she does :) She is such a cutey. I adore her.

Anyhoo, then we went looking for tiles for the patio. Damn, my favourites are like R150/m2 ... and we have 26m2 :( And as The Trucker points out, this isn't our forever house, so how much do we really wanna put in and spend on something we may only be living in and enjoying for the next year or two. I dunno. He doesn't like any of my cheaper option either tho so whatevs. That's a problem for another day. It was right about here that he turned into a grumpy-pants for the rest of the weekend :/

We had a relaxing afternoon at home and then went out to try the Jo'Anna Melt Bar in Melville for dinner. So, the whole concept here is toasted sandwiches. We skipped starters (2 options: Potato skins or Chicken wings), to save space for what looked to be a decadent dessert (1 option).

So we ordered 2 different mains and shared them (thank goodness!). We HAD to try the Mac 'n Cheese (which was amazing) and then we got the Popey (which is pretty much like a burger on a toasted sandwich). Both came with coleslaw.

And then dessert. Thank goodness we ordered to share, I could just manage to finish my half. Yoh but it was decadent! A toasted sarmie with Nutella, sliced strawberries, pecans and toasted marshmallows. It was amazing. I'd recommend you go just for that! (And for the Mac 'n Cheese, obvs). Wow. I couldn't have it often, but it was completely worth it :)

On Sunday The Trucker headed out early for a double cricket game and I headed to brunch with some friends at La Vie en Rose. I haven't been there since The Trucker & I first got back together, but what a great little spot. We sat outside, which was lovely once we moved our table into a sunbeam.

I couldn't decide on breakfast ... the waffles sound really delish, but I find sweet breakfasts don't seem to leave you full for long. So I opted to try the Shakshuka. I was kinda expecting something like our Harissa Eggs. Not quite but really yummy :) I'd have it again ... it's a bit like a bowl of tomato soup with eggs in it. Haha.

And then there was grocery shopping and general weekend Sunday laziness. The End :)

-- So, I managed to write all that this morning, in my usual start-to-the-morning sorta way. But then I noticed that despite being plugged in, my laptop was, in fact, not actually charging. At about 16% remaining battery, the IT Guy showed up and promptly told me there was nothing wrong with my charging cable, but instead it was the little thingy in the laptop you actually plug it into. And that was broken. So my entire computer shut down and I spent a lot of my day swapping batteries with someone else in the office. Unfortunately that was coupled with 3+ hours of meetings. So, really, it was a bit of a headless chicken sorta day and that is why this is late ... but it's here now :) Finally.

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