Thursday, September 11, 2014

25 August: 6 weeks, 3 days

So it's been just over a week since I last wrote. We've upgraded from an orange/apple seed (0.33cm) to a sweet pea to a blueberry (1.29cm). Hopefully.

Boy was I wrong if I thought trying to get pregnant was the worrying part of things ... I mean, I'm sure anyone trying deals with those thoughts. Where, you know, you've been trying NOT to get pregnant, your whole life so far, using contraceptives ... but you never really know if you actually can until you already have. It's stressful. And as each month passed by (I know, it was only 3), I made contingency plans. We'd go get checked after trying for 6 months, if we couldn't, we'd go straight to adoption and not pour money into IVF.

Then it happened :) That worry was over. But a whole new set of worries kicked in. And let me tell you, these are worse! Being 6 weeks pregnant is frustrating. Especially with barely any symptoms. I'm pretty sure I'm still pregnant (I haven't miscarried), but how do you know everything is A-okay in there? Now I'm worrying about everything I do ... will it affect this?

Is my bath water too hot, what was that shooting pain when I sneezed, can I eat that? And then there are symptoms I didn't even know were symptoms, until I googled them and found out I was perfectly normal ... what did women do before google? Is that what my runny nose is?

But yeah, aside from worry, I don't really feel pregnant at all. I carry a pack of mini-ginger biscuits around with me ... and I definitely need to get something into my stomach sooner than usual. But is that the start of morning sickness or just a reaction to having my new Preggie multi-vitamin after brushing my teeth? I do find that I go from zero to starving these days when dinner or lunch is late tho.

It's a weird place to be ... and this weekend I went to fill my usual scripts at Dischem. I'd asked (not my regular doctor cause he was off) the Doc last time I was there about my meds because we were trying and she said they were fine. Then this weekend the Pharmacist said no ways to my anti-histamine. At least last week I already scheduled an appointment with my GP this afternoon to discuss what I can and can't take etc. (particularly with our upcoming trip to Turkey) since my Gynae appointment is ages away!

After Doc update: So I can't take my anti-histamines. But I did get some meds for the virus making my nose run. And he checked my belly ... apparently he thinks I'm further along, more like 6-8wks based on how high he can feel my uterus above my pelvis (or something). It's very weird to me how variable this whole thing is. I mean we were trying so I know exactly when my last period started. And I was using the ovulation sticks (the 7-pack not the digital which is all they seem to show on their site) so I also know exactly when I was ovulating ... so I have no idea why this is such an inexact science or how I could be further along than that :/ In exciting news tho, he gave me a referral to go get an ultrasound before we go to Turkey. So at least we can hopefully see the baby and go on holiday knowing all is fine. Wonder if we'll be able to hear the heartbeat yet (it'll be in about 2 weeks). I hope so!


Anonymous said...

And just to throw another spanner in the works:

Yeah. o_O

And a note on what (not) to eat etc. Obviously do what YOU are comfortable with and to hell with advice from anyone (including me); but I ate pretty much everything (sushi and runny cheeses included) after 12 weeks. I even had the odd sneaky glass of wine. So much of the 'don't eat that' advice comes from anecdotal stories. And obviously no-one wants to endanger Mom or baby so they err on the safe side.

*shrug* I ignored a lot of it and I was just fine. But do what you are happy with xx

Louisa said...

I was amazed when I found out with N...that I suddenly jumped to 5 weeks, while I know for a fact it was 3. Don't worry too much about it, baby will not let itself be prescribed to based on averages.

How cool that you get to go for a scan before your trip! If I remember correctly the heart starts beating at about 6 weeks, so I think you probably should get to hear it.

Have you picked an in between name for your bebe? What have we got here? Peanut? Pickle? Squishy? Phillybaby? ;-)

po said...

I hear you. The first time I actually saw I had a baby in there and it was not my imagination was at the 12 week scan and it was a long wait. I think the worrying never stops though. There are so many things to worry about at every step. It is better to avoid google for some things as they do cause extra worry! I however failed miserably at that.

phillygirl said...

@cestlavietlb - yep I am pretty much doing what I feel is right, which is all I'd expect of anyone. I'm avoiding some things for the first 12 weeks, and then I'll probably cave on the sushi thing (but won't be eating it daily, just like I didn't before obvs :/) and I actually went on a wine-tasting the day after I found out ... although I just had a few sips from each flavour. So I'm not an extremist. But in those first few week, it just felt like there was suddenly all these brand new things to question and wonder and worry about - haha!

@Louisa - haha, haven't even thought of an in-between name ... or that I needed one o_0 We don't call it that much lately. Haha. I am sure something will surface tho!

MeeA said...

I have worked with drug addicts (and we're talking hardcore stuff like heroine and cocaine) who have gone on to have perfectly healthy babies, despite using during their pregancies. (I do not condone their actions by the way.) So I figure the odd glass of wine or sushi platter is unlikely to cause any problems...

Also, if you are able to enjoy a symptom-free but healthy pregnancy, do!

As for the runny nose, there is a wonderful, natural product that SAVED MY LIFE during my pregnancies. It's called Luffeel and is made by a company called Heel. It is safe during pregancy and dries up that runny nose toot-suite!

Congrats again - I'll be following your updates with much joy and interest! :)

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