Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9 September: 8 weeks, 4 days

So we had our first scan today! Baby's first photo. Not that it looks at all like a baby yet :/

But it has really given me a much needed peace of mind ... I dunno why I was so worried. I guess since I'm now 34, I've heard many stories of friends who've miscarried their first pregnancies ... and others who have struggled to even get pregnant for the first or second time. I guess it's about wanting something so bad and just being nervous.

But all is looking good. I know it's still not a 100% sure thing ... they do say wait till 12 weeks and all, but seeing it, not an empty sac (biggest worry!), has made a world of difference. It's real, it's there. It has a teeny heart beating a million times a second (okay, so not quite that much, but faster than ours nonetheless). We couldn't hear the heart yet (cause it was just an ultrasound tech, not a doctor, they said they won't do them till 12 weeks), but we sure could see the flashing little blip in the middle of the peanut / jellybean shape.

In case you're wondering looking at that very un-baby-like looking photo, the baby is the peanut shape at the bottom. The circle thing floating above it is apparently the yolk sac

It is nerve wracking, lying there, unable to see anything ... I spose when it's the very first scan they'd rather check things out first. But trying to measure The Trucker's or the tech's expressions ... eventually I burst and asked if everything was okay. Yip. All good :D

She measured the embryo/fetus (apparently that switch over is happening this week!) and everything is spot on (she has me as 1 day ahead: 8 weeks, 5 days ... which I doubt makes much of a difference in the grand scheme of things)

So today was probably the most exciting day since we first found out (shew, it's almost a month since then already!).

Haha, and did you notice that the baby is apparently the size of a green olive (2.54cm) this week? The Trucker is convinced (hopeful?) I'll start craving olives sometime during my pregnancy, because I HATE them. However, I am pretty sure there is nothing on earth that could make me want to eat an olive and that there is nothing in them that a baby could possibly need ... so I reckon I'm safe ;)


Anonymous said...

Eeeee!!!! It's a peanut! :D

MeeA said...

Yay! I always loved being pregnant, in spite of the niggles. It was, for me, a time of nurturing a deep secret (even though everyone knew it :-P ) and feeling all the different changes happening in my body helped me to bond with each of my babies in a unique and private way that no-one else could intrude on.
So excited for you each time I read your posts! :)

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