Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5 September: 8 weeks

So, I now definitely have some symptoms to show for it! Luckily (and thankfully) still no true morning sickness. I mean I do get that starving hollow feeling, and feel marginally ill, but no vomiting at all as yet ... when the feeling hits, I just stuff a mini ginger biscuit in my face, drink some water and I seem to be okay :) Those mini ginger biscuits packets from Woolies & Spar are a life saver for preggie ladies, I expect :)

What I am experiencing tho, in abundance, is pregnancy fatigue. Seriously. It's unbelievable. The Trucker was always the napper in our family ... seriously the man will nap every afternoon available. I usually laze reading my book next to him, but I'd very rarely actually fall asleep during day time.

These days tho, I nap every weekend and have been falling asleep in front of the TV. And before he even comes to bed most nights ... because he's about 5mins later than me! He says it's like I have sleep apnea :/

You remember when he tore all those tendons in his ankle, I napped thru it. After yelling for me, the poor injured boy had to hobble all the way to our bedroom to wake me and tell me I needed to take him to the ER. Oops.

We went for dinner the other night, and I was falling asleep at the table, barely able to maintain conversation past 20h15! And to make things worse, because he's in the moonboot, I had to drive us home! I've told him there is no way I can drive after 8pm any more ... not cause I'll fall asleep at the wheel, I doubt that'd happen, but because I can't concentrate thru the exhaustion properly. I can't focus.

That's why I've been so bad at  Boot Camp, aside from being doubly exhausted from it, I usually only have enough energy to fall onto the couch or curl up and snooze when I get home from work in the afternoons. It's ridonkulous, it is completely surreal. I mean I'd heard about it before, but I NEVER understood! Prior to this, it sounds completely mad that you could be this exhausted by doing nothing. I apologise to any pregnant woman I doubted before. This is no joke.

Other than that, still pretty abstract. People are finding out as I chat to them and they notice I'm not drinking alcohol etc. Plus work has me scheduled on projects into my Maternity Leave next year :/ And everyone seems super excited ... I think they're a little disappointed that I'm not more excited.

Do not misunderstand. I am SUPER excited. Inside. It's not real yet. I know it, but I don't quite believe it. And I'm still terrified something could go wrong ... But, hopefully next week all that will change because we're going for our first scan!!

I know it might be a bit early, I've heard you can only hear the heartbeat from 9wks. We'll be 8.5wks then ... But my first gynae visit feels like miles away (we'll be 12wks I think) because of our Turkey trip, it was the first appointment I could get. And when our trip got cancelled, I did try to bring the appointment forward but by then she was fully booked. #sigh

OMG. I am nervous and excited and terrified and can NOT wait till Tuesday :)

Oh, and in case you were at all worried, my blood tests came back and I am immune to the German Measles, so that was a relief (although, mostly expected)


po said...

Weird, I did not get this fatigue thing, except occasionally. A few days I did pass out but mostly not. I do find it impossible to stay up late though. My body seems very unreactive to hormones. I hope you are still keeping the barfing at bay xxx

Louisa said...

Haha, yip. It's hard work growing another human. I slept more than the average house cat in my first trimester. ;-)

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