Monday, September 08, 2014

Back to Busy

Shew, well we went from what looked to be a quiet weekend to actually a fairly busy one. I worked from home on Friday, mostly from my bed, in my pjs. It was bliss.

And then in the afternoon, we got an invite to go round for toasted sarmies & a catch-up with one of The Trucker's friends. So we had a nice relaxing Friday evening with some epic toasties chatting with friends (and watching a little Jimmy Fallon on YouTube ;) ).

On Friday, The Trucker had a whole bunch of sand delivered to the house because he had 3 guys coming to screed the patio floor. And we planted some new grass as well. So basically what this meant was a LOT of driving for me. Off to buy 36 squares of grass. Then to the local nursery to ask about a soil testing kit (our plants are dying and we wanted to check the acidity of the soil). Found out they don't sell them, but will do them for you if you bring in samples. So back home. Then back with 3 samples from different areas. Then wait-wait-wait. Really, there is only so much wandering of a nursery one can do. Eventually we got the results (the corner Gypsy uses as a loo is -5, it should be +7 !!) and bought some lime, lawn dressing and compost.

Took that all back home, but couldn't fit any new plants in, so it was back to the nursery with me. And then when I got home and finally thought I could rest, turns out we needed another 19 squares of grass!

Anyhoo, it's all looking like it has potential now. We gotta move some dying plants away from Gypsy's corner this week. I bought some clivia to go there instead (I gather it need acidic compost, so seems best). Unfortunately, Pepper messed up a part of the screed before it had completely dried ... so not sure what we'll do about that :P

After the screed was finished and most of the grass laid on Saturday afternoon, we headed to Hogshead to meet up with some friends. And then had a very lazy rest of our Saturday. We watched Maleficent and Blended.

Maleficent, I'd heard, was pretty good. But it wasn't really. I'd recommend skipping it. It was quite boring and completely predictable, of course. It's sorta sweet, but time you'll never get back.

All I knew about Blended was that it was the new Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler. Who knew we'd be laughing at their Sun City Holiday!! The Trucker didn't really seem to enjoy this that much, but I liked it :) You know, in a 50 First Dates sort of way. I mean, obviously it makes it somewhat cringe-worthy to watch them in "Africa". But other than that it was just the light feel-good movie I needed :)

On Sunday Pepper woke us before 7! But I managed to go back to sleep till 8am and woke up to see The Trucker had spent the time putting the lawn dressing on the new grass. I made us some breakfast and then we had to bath Pepper who had had an absolute ball playing in the lawn dressing (mud) as The Trucker watered it - haha. Poor girl, wasn't very impressed with the bath process, but she was so soft and clean afterwards, I definitely think we'll have to do it more often!

After that, I went and did the grocery shopping before we headed to lunch at The Wolfpack with @Sascha_with_a_C.

This is such a cool little restaurant with such yummy burgers & sides (love their onion rings with wasabi mayo!) and the trick definitely seems to be Sunday lunch (because you can actually book a table). Plus it was such a gorgeous day. After that we stopped at Filo for dessert on the way home :)

When we got home, I took Pepper for a walk (look how big she is now!!!) and then lazed in the stinky (compost!) garden reading my book and snoozing. There is something about being outdoors, the feel of the sun and the cool breeze that snoozing on the bed inside (which The Trucker prefers and was doing) doesn't have.

Anyhoo, that was pretty much my weekend.

Oh, and on Friday we also paid to change our Turkey tickets and tour! So it is back on ... just postponed by a month. Feels a little weird we were supposed to be flying this Friday!

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