Friday, September 05, 2014

Still quiet

Hmmm, well, it has been a super most uneventful week here ... I went to boot camp on Monday afternoon. And then we had dinner with The Trucker's 2nd Parents on Tuesday at Shalow Waters. Yeah, for Chinese food, that's quite a win. Crispy Beef with noodles :)

And then a regular night at home on Wednesday and I had a work thing on Thursday so only got home around 7pm (in time for dinner).

And, really. That was pretty much it. Well, aside from all the Turkey back-and-forth. We have got an okay from The Trucker's doc that he can fly on the 10th Oct. But he's not too happy that this will involve injecting himself to ensure he doesn't get clots. So with that info, we began investigating how much it would cost and, sadly, our low-cost fare that we were so chuffed with has sky-rocketed and it's gonna cost 70% MORE!

So then we had to re-decide all over again ... this hasn't been an easy decision. But last night we decided to just go for it, and we'll just have to take it easier than usual, but we'll still have an awesome holiday! So today we'll hopefully be finalising everything. Fingers crossed folks.

Life is pretty quiet at the moment, I think because we were building up to holiday-mode (so no plans since we'd be away), but then the carpet got pulled out from under us ... so you end up in a weird limbo until you know what is potting. We also have a surprisingly quiet weekend ahead ... I guess it also has a lot to do with having and invalid man at the moment ;)

Oh, and I nearly forgot! Look at this cool #hilskittytin that Gypsy got gifted from the nice folks at Hill's. Along with a voucher for their food. Which will come in super handy since both her & Pepper already eat it!

And, apparently you can get your own tin too! They'll be available at participating veterinary outlets in September, while stocks last, with selected purchases of Hill's Science Plan Feline (1.5kgs or larger bags). And they have 4 different tin designs to choose from!

They are also hosting a fun Facebook photo contest in September on crazy places some cats like to sleep on their facebook page and there are #hillskittytin prizes and food to be won.

Now I just need one for Pepper's food too :)

Note: If you cat doesn't already eat Hill's and you are keen to start them on it, they recommend that you transition your cat/s onto Hill's over a week – especially if it's a fussy eater or resistant to anything 'unfamiliar'. Simply start by mixing it with their usual food so the meal is about one fifth Hill's. Slowly increase each day until it is exclusively Hill's. I didn't know that!

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