Thursday, October 02, 2014

11 weeks, 6 days

Yoh, Yesterday I could NOT stop smiling. I forget anything else that happened in the intervening week.

I still feel like The. Most. Boring pregnant lady. Ever. Everyone still keeps checking in on me and asking how I am, how is baby doing. I'm fine. I assume the baby was fine. It's hard to tell, really. I began to feel bad (only a little) about feeling fine. Nothing I'd consider a craving. Nothing overly emotional. Still no morning sickness.

Honestly it all made me a little nervous in the build up to The First Gynae Appointment. Nothing obvious had happened to make me question if all was well and ticking along as it should inside ... but it also felt a little like nothing much had happened at all. Okay so I don't feel 100% normal. But I wouldn't say I feel pregnant either.

So I woke up with nervous butterflies yesterday morning. The Trucker was excited! And off we went.

Oh. My. Gosh. That was hands down, the Best. Day. Ever. The first scan left me feeling good but still not really connected to my pregnancy or the funny little peanut shape in the photos. It was just something that was happening to my (still feeling very distant) future, not really my present, if that makes any sense. But yesterday, yesterday there was a baby! I am having a Baby.

It looked human. And although the photo prints we got are pretty blurry and don't even hint at all the awesome amazing things we saw, I can still vividly see it all in my mind. It was an incredible experience.

So yes, it looked human. With a huge head and a little body. Happily bobbing back and forth in the small space it's been allocated. She showed us the spine. The Spine! And we saw all the little rib bones. And fingers. 5 finger bones on one of the hands! And the 2 forearm bones. See the aerial view below. The best of the scan pictures we got, showing the Baby's head and arm, upper body and umbilical cord.

The definition on the face was still too blurry, but you could definitely tell which was the front of the head. We even saw a leg as she made it wriggle around ... trying to get a better view of the nuchal translucency.

Which is all fine. 1.7 and apparently they only worry if it's over 3.5. I went for the blood test after my appointment tho, for the Downs probability. She doesn't sound at all worried, so that's also a relief. Not that I was really worried about that. But it is just one of the things, you know?

And we finally got to hear that most amazing sound, the heart beat! It is incredible. And then I laughed and ruined it. Haha. Had to stifle myself to listen, but it was just so much overwhelming happy emotion! Really, no one can describe it till you experience it for yourself. 162 beats per minute. Looking good :)

So yes. All in all an amazing incredible experience. And I presume the scans just get better and better from here! Oh, and she showed us the tiny stomach, which she said was full (someone must've just had breakfast - haha). And we're currently measuring head to rump at just over 5cm! (I forget the exact amount). Incredible. Still so tiny ... but so much detail!

I am too excited.


The Chantal said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing just reading about it, makes me want to have a baby too :/

It's fascinating that it's only 5cm long but you can see ribs and fingers etc, just amazing.

Such a lovely post to start off the day :)

po said...

So cute, the little arm! I loved my 12 week scan too, even more than the 20 week one. I am seeing a midwife so I only have 2 scans. I must admit I am a bit jealous of people who have more, it is so exciting to see them like that! It just makes it so real. It is hard at 12 weeks to even be sure there is something growing in there, so the scan is so cool!

Unknown said...

Wow! Congratulations so happy for you! Babies change your life and it is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I too had a very boring pregnancy. Even my Doctor commented on it (with approval!). Boring is good. You don't want an interesting or exciting pregancy. did leave me feeling a bit like I missed out on something. NO stories or throwing up in the sink/other inconvenient moment. Other than sore hips and swollen ankles in the last 10 days or so...yeah, I got rounder and rounder. Even the first kicks were really hard to detect.

BTW you can get thingies that allow you to hear babies heartbeat whenever. I didn't get one, I don't know if you can even get one in SA but might be fun to look into...?

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