Tuesday, October 28, 2014

15 weeks, 4 days

So I figured you were probably due a preggie update ... unfortunately, I literally have nothing much to tell. Once again, I assume all is progressing well and as it should. Next scan is next week. Am hoping that since I'll be 16wks by then, we'll be able to find out the gender (!) Eep. Both excited and nervous for that.

Although I have successfully (I think?) adjusted my mind to accept either. It really is true that all you actually want when you're pregnant is a healthy baby. I still have my fingers crossed for a little girl.

Also, my belly has popped out. Now I actually do look pregnant. It was a little disconcerting when it happened (on holiday) ... I definitely felt like it was too soon! But I did some googling and it sounds like a fairly common concern. And since I know for sure that there is definitely only one in there, I'm not too concerned. Hey, and I've had no other symptoms so if this is my pregnancy "side-effect" so be it.

But random people (while we were on holiday) are now asking when I'm due ... it's weird. Haha.

Yesterday I was so pleased that a friend of mine had passed on her preggie jeans to me since I desperately needed them. My jeans still fit and I can close the button ... but honestly, they are no longer for sitting down in - haha. I think I'm still gonna need to find my own pair of preggie jeans now tho, my friend is much slimmer than me usually so these are a bit of a squeeze (although the waist band makes it totally worthwhile!).


Anonymous said...

Do you know the trick with a hair band for extending the life of your normal jeans? Threat a hair band through the button hole and back through itself to make a look, hook the loop round your button. Boom! Of course, you'll have to wear a long top or belly band xx

phillygirl said...

@cestlavietlb - oooh, neat tip! I didn't know about it :) Will try it ... unfort I think I am going to need a lot more long tops, mine are mostly all regular length - haha.

Louisa said...

You look fantastic...the belly really suits you! :-)

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