Monday, October 27, 2014


We are home! But the holiday blog posts might take a while ... I only actually finished writing my actual diary entries yesterday :/ I was generally up-to-date till the last 2 days. And I did manage to get round to downloading the photos off the camera ... but I haven't even looked thru them yet!

Slacker, I know. You'd think that getting back before midday on Friday would mean I'd be super organised and ready to go this morning. But ... well ... nope, not really.

Friday was functional, we unpacked, did laundry, napped ... things like that. Saturday was relaxing. Lazy morning, breakfast out and then some grocery shopping. We braaied for dinner and I forget what we spent our afternoon doing.

The Trucker was supposed to go to cricket on Sunday but because of the rain it was cancelled. So instead we had breakfast at home and took Pepper to Walkhaven for the first time. She LOVED it! Luckily after her bath at home she then passed out for the rest of the afternoon :)


Was fantastic to catch up with all the animals again. Missed them. And thankfully neither of them were annoyed with us for disappearing for 2 weeks ... Gypsy was back under my duvet in the middle of the night on both nights. Awe.

On Sunday evening The Trucker made us Beef Rendang. It was amazeballs. Seriously. I am too spoilt. Leftovers for lunch today, score!

Righto, I have over 400 emails to sort thru now ...

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