Friday, October 31, 2014

One Week

Sheesh. We've been home for a week (in a few hours, give or take). It's like we never left. It has not been a stellar week work-wise, I'm not sleeping well (waking up at least once to pee) and I'm more anxious/nervous than I'd like (which stops me getting to sleep easily when I go to bed and after I wake up in the night).

Socially my weeks seem terribly boring lately. Been walking Pepper (yay, we finally organised our key to Golden Harvest! Did I mention I got locked in there for about half an hour before we went away?!). Gypsy is fabulous, but oh so noisy. Dunno what is up with her, but we barely need an alarm clock anymore - haha. Such a cutey.

Oh, something funny did happen! A little background: Gyps is now forced to eat on the kitchen counter (so Pepper doesn't eat the cat food) and so, she has become increasingly interested in our food when we are cooking. It's really quite annoying and she's managed to lick a few things before we've got there in time to shoo her away ... she seems to like grated cheese (is that normal?).

Anyway, I happened to read this link earlier in the week: 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner’s Life Easier. So I decided to try putting an empty box out as per Hack 15. Would you look at that, she climbed straight in! ('scuse the blur, every time I tried to take a pic she'd climb back out the box to investigate the camera - haha) But still. Peaceful dinner preparation, for a change!

How hysterical is that?! I could not believe she just climbed right in there ... we've never had boxes for her to play with before. Must be some weird inherent cat-instinct.

I went to SCM on Tuesday as well. Can you believe we have another preggie mommy?! She's about 7wks behind me.

And that was about it. No, I haven't even started writing up my Turkey blog posts ... was trying to get a little space for perspective because it wasn't my best trip. I think in some ways I came home feeling a little like I did after Spain, Portugal & Morocco. And my blog posts definitely helped me see how many awesome things I had actually done on the trip and that it hadn't been as bad as I'd thought at the time. I'm hoping for the same here :) I have started to sort thru the photos tho ... Am up to about day 5.

Oooh, and the other exciting news was that we got some preview shots from that photo shoot we did. Very exciting!

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