Monday, November 03, 2014

The Day to Day

Urgh. Monday again. My pre-workday blues have not disappeared :( But the weekend was still pretty good, pretty quiet, but good.

Erm, on Friday evening we went for sushi! I made it 4 weeks! Wooo. I was seriously craving it by then tho. But I decided not more than once a month / every 4 weeks. Which is maybe about as often as we had it before I was pregnant, but I suspect it has something to do with that whole "not being allowed" something mindset. You WANT it. Haha. It was delish and hit the spot.

On Saturday we headed to breakfast at The Culinary Table and then The Trucker had to go out and do something work-related so I headed to Cresta to collect my Discovery Baby Bag from Toys R Us. Sheesh, Cresta is a total hassle these days. Who knows where all the shops are? I walked to where I remembered it had been and found nothing so headed to the Info desk. Thank goodness that hadn't moved too far from where it had been as they don't seem to have any maps up at the moment. Lucky for me Toys R Us and Dischem were right across from each other (in the new section), so I got to sign up for Dischem Baby as well.

Toys R Us is a little daunting when you're still only pregnant. Yoh, I don't remember the last time I was in a kiddies toy store. It is both scary and amazing what they have these days.

I unpacked the Discovery Baby Bag when I got home. Shew, there is some cool stuff in there. A little first counting book (eep!), a parenting book, a tiny dummy ... and a bunch of other useful things and discounts.

I've told The Trucker to start investigating baby prams and car seats as if he were buying a new car. We're planning to go to MamaMagic at the end of November and I want to know when we get told about their amazing specials, if they are in fact worthwhile. So we can make an on the spot decision or decide just to buy what we had planned afterwards. Complicated stuff this!

Oh, and The Trucker got a chain so we could hang the chair we bought last weekend (we were waiting for the bamboo roofing to be finished on the patio). How awesome is that?!

In the late afternoon we headed to Randpark Golf Club for one of the SCM Birthdays. A fun afternoon, surprisingly filled with pregnant girls (3!) and already-moms! And from there we headed to Banjaara with @clairam & her boyf for a late dinner. Turned into a great day, really!

On Sunday there was no sleeping in, we were taking Pepper to her first Schnauzer Walk at Delta Park! Shew. There were so many schnauzers and a few really littlees. It was awesome. Aside from the fact that we all had to hang around a little too long before the walk actually started, I think the dogs struggled with that a bit.

Our girlie was way up front, constantly running back to us and then back to the front. Was much easier just trying to keep an eye on our one little pup in the mass of dawgs. Dunno how the people with 3 were managing. Photo credit to Chris Kritzinger.

We veered off half way thru cause Pepper looked like she was exhausting herself and we had left the water in the car (rookie mistake, not knowing how long the walk was). But she wasn't nearly as exhausted for the rest of the afternoon as she'd been after her visit to Walkhaven!


po said...

We went to the CT Mama Magic this last weekend, although I was taking some strain at 32 weeks pregnant :P We mostly were looking at Graco and Chicco but I could maybe remember the prices on some of those if you are interested in those brands. Otherwise I guess you will see in a few weeks time! The cheapest Graco travel system was going for about R2400 instead of R2900, or something like that, which I thought was a good deal. We ended up getting the second most expensive Graco which had a R900 discount, but I am thinking we probably should have just bought the cheapest one because they are almost exactly the same, our one possibly just has slightly more robust wheels. Oh well, I am also one of those people who freaks out at the thought of spending money on these things, was researching going pram-free at one point, haha, so I am probably not a good person to ask, but the Chiccos were also nicely discounted and I think better quality. I wanted to get a Chicco travel system, I think the Liteway, because it was nicer and better quality than Graco, but their car seat is really heavy, and I have a chronic back condition, so we got the Graco purely because the car seat is much lighter. Anyway, good luck with the pram decisions!

Anonymous said...

We were gifted a pram. I think I've used it a grand total of 5 times. I MUCH preferred my stretchy wrap from NooNooPie (they're an SA company) and once LB outgrew that, we started using a meitai style from teh same company. So much easier than trying to manoeuvre a giant pram. But it's personal pref. We gave a Graco pram and it's great for what we paid for it (i.e. nothing!) but if I were to buy one for myself, I'd get one with bigger (solid) tyres so it can handle off-road and uneven pavements better. So have a thing about where you are going to use it (malls only? walking the Pup? A combination?). Also, when you choose one, try it out. Can you collapse it with ONE hand and put it up again with one hand? Is it easy to lift by yourself and put in your boot. Does it fit in your boot? (that last one is important-ask me how we discovered how).

Car's worth investing in a 'base' for each car cos strapping the damn thing in every time is pain. Doable, but just an extra step which you don't need when baby is UNHAPPY with the car seat and letting you know alllll about it. {ask me how I know this}. I find the ones we have (again, gifts from friends who are done with having babies) are fine, but they are a bit "tall" for our cars (a Golf and a Nissan Sentra)and it's getting trickier to get LB in and out comfortably.

And that's my essay done. As always, feel free to ignore all of the above ;)

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