Thursday, November 06, 2014

16 weeks, 6 days

Yoh. Yesterday was supposed to be this amazing incredible day when we found out the gender (fingers crossed). But the morning went terribly! I had what I presume could only be my first foray into the rollercoaster of Preggie Hormones.

Before I'd even had breakfast 3 things had set me off at home between The Trucker and I (and at least 2 of them are things that probably would've months ago anyway). I ended up in tears. Luckily I didn't say anything I knew I'd regret. And then after I managed to get it together enough to actually leave the house, the stupid Woolies yogurt 6-pack wouldn't separate (That's it! I'm not buying them anymore, something happened a few months ago, they changed something and they are now close to impossible to "snap" easily without often opening the foil lid) ... I lost 2 yogurts of the 6 in the process. And then the little screw came out of my sunglasses. Again (it happens often, thankfully the screw has always been nearby). Aaargh.

I got in my car and drove off and ugly cried the whole way to the appointment. I think the overwhelming disappointment of everything going wrong on a day I wanted to be happy and exciting and had been anticipating for so long just crushed me.

Even after we arrived (40mins early, morning traffic is so unpredictable), I just sat in the car, not getting out. Miserable. I swear, if I'd been able to postpone the appointment at any point before then, I would've!

But eventually I went in and we had our appointment. Everything is as it should be :) This time I'd been keeping a list of questions. And we finally got to see the baby again! Shew it has gotten so much bigger. I know it shouldn't be a surprise, but some how it is. It didn't look as cute as last time, it was harder to see the whole thing in one view. And the face is still a little weird ... it has these big black holes where the eyes are now. It's creepy. A little too much like something from Halloween. I think we saw a lot more cross sections in this scan than last time where we were just kind of looking at the whole Baby. It's legs we crossed but we did manage to see the gender.

Shew, when you see it you wonder how anyone ever can tell!! I suppose if you know what you're comparing it to it might be more obvious but as a total newbie looking at that scan I was like "what?".

While I definitely reached the point where I wouldn't have cared (but if it was a boy, I'd probably be more concerned next time around), we got the fantastic news that it's a little GIRL! Look, it's not 100% at this stage, obviously ... we should know for sure after the next scan, but the Gynae said she'd be very surprised if it changed. Then again I've heard of it happening to quite a few people. She did also say that she wouldn't say either way if she wasn't fairly certain.

I had to go for more blood tests (spina bifida this time, I think). And then I had another (probably typical) pregnancy freak out. Everyone I know is having girls ... what'll the world be like in 15-20yrs? Is it the hormones in our food? Hahaha. I can laugh now. The Trucker was like Oh my Gawd. It's just a girl, stop freaking out.

And now, more rational, I can think of all the friends I have who've had boys in the last 2 years ... shew. Yes, I think the crazy hormones are kicking in.

And then I had a fairly rubbish day at work. We both did. So I decided we should go out to dinner to celebrate. It's been a while since we tried somewhere new together. We headed to Steamworks.

It was quite nice. I think it made us feel a bit old tho ... it was very loud. The food was tasty but expensive, I thought. The Trucker had the Steamworks Burger and I had the Lamb Pie. The have (2) Virgin Cocktails so I had one of them and a good selection of craft beers. I was sad to miss the Fiery Gingerbeer :( Haha.

Oh, and I thought this convo with my Mom was hilarious! Haha.

Oddly I ended the day a little as I started it, in tears. But rather tears of hysterical laughter. We vaguely started discussing names at dinner ... I really just have a long "Not" list at the moment, so no, we're not even close. We were waiting to find out the gender before we even discussed it. So I started showing The Trucker entries from The Bad Baby Name Blog. OMG. It makes me laugh every time. So hard that I can barely breathe and tears roll down my cheeks. Hysterical. Although, probably completely unhelpful haha.


po said...

Congratulations!! Every single person I know is having a boy, including me. There have been a spate of boy babies born in the last few months and everyone in my pilates class is having a boy, so don't worry about the gender balance.

Clea Yiannakis said...

Congrats on the baby being a girl! We found out at 14 weeks that we are having a boy. I must say that I was shocked! I was expecting a girl (not sure why I was convinced that it was a girl?) 18 weeks this week and finally have a bump, and can feel faint movements - it's incredible.

Louisa said...

Haha @ the convo with your mom!

It's okay to feel emotional. This will aaaaaall fade away eventually from sleep depravation. ;-)

I still get told stories of my flip outs of which I remember nothing...odd..since I blogged almost everything at the time. Oh well *shrug*

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