Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Sunburnt Queen by Hazel Crampton

"The Sunburnt Queen is an extraordinary narrative. The writing’s fresh immediacy brings history to life." - The Sunday Independent (South Africa)

In the late 1730s, the local inhabitants of South Africa found a seven-year-old girl called Bessie, washed ashore on the beach of the Wild Coast. Bessie was brought up by them, growing into a young woman of legendary beauty and wisdom, and marrying one of the most important tribal chiefs in the area.

Using oral histories and written accounts by early missionaries, Hazel Crampton traces the extraordinary story of Bessie and the turbulent history of the Eastern Cape.

I loved this book! Okay so it is not an easy read like a fictional book would be. It was quite hard going in some places, and because of our trip, I ended up reading it in two halves.

Still, it is completely fascinating! I'm not sure if it would be for a non-South African tho. But for me, I adored the history. I'd highly recommend it if you're interested. You'll definitely be surprised!

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